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Faulty Discipline

Love is the key to a child’s heart, but the love that leads parents to indulge their children in unlawful desires is not a love that will work for their good. The earnest affection which springs from love to Jesus will enable parents to exercise judicious authority and to require prompt obedience.

The reason that children do not become godly is because they allowed too much freedom. Their will and inclination is indulged. Many prodigal sons become such because of indulgence in the home, because their parents have not been doers of the word.

Strong Discipline

The happiness of every child may be secured by strong, even discipline. A child’s truest graces consist in modest and obedience – in attentive ears to hear the words of direction, in willing feet and hands to walk and work in the path of duty. And a child’s true goodness will bring its own reward, even in this life.

The early years are the time for the training process, not only that the child may become most serviceable and full of grace and truth in this life, but that he may secure the place prepared in the home above for all who are true and obedient. In our own training of children and in the training of the others, we have proved that they never love parents and guardians less for restraining them from doing evil.


Parents to Bind Children to their Hearts

Do not let your children see you with a clouded brow. If they yield to temptation, and afterward see and repent of their error, forgive them just as freely as you hope to be forgiven by your Father in heaven. Kindly instruct them and bind them to your hearts. It is a critical time for children. Influences will be thrown around them to wean them from you, which you must counteract. Teach them to make you their confidant. Let them whisper in your ear their trials and joys. By encouraging this, you will save them from many a snare that Satan has prepared for their inexperienced feet.

Do not treat your child only with sternness, forgetting your own childhood and forgetting that they are but children. Do not expect them to be perfect or try to make them men and women in their acts at once.  By so doing you will close the door of access which you might otherwise have to them and will drive them to open a door for injuries influences, for others to poison their young minds before you awake to their danger.


Mothers Are An Example

If Mothers would have their daughters come to womanhood with healthful bodies and virtuous characters, they must in their own lives set the example, guarding them against the health-destroying fashions of this age. Christian mothers have resting upon them a responsibility which they do not realize. They should so train their children that they may have firm principle and moral health in this age of corruption.

mother and daughter having a good time

mother and daughter having a good time



Mothers, deal gently with your little children. Christ was once a little child. For His sake honor the children. Look upon them as a sacred charge, not to be indulged, petted, and idolized but to be taught to live pure, noble lives. They are God’s property; He loves them and calls upon you to cooperate with Him in helping them to form perfect characters.

Teach your children from the cradle to practise self-denial and self-control. Teach them to enjoy the beauties of nature, and in useful employment to exercise all the powers of mind and body. Bring them up to have sound constitutions and good morals, to have sunny disposition and sweet tempers. Teach them that to yield to temptation is weak and wicked; to resist is noble and manly.

Sensitive Child

Young children love society. They cannot, as a general thing, enjoy themselves alone, and the mother should feel that, in most cases, the place for her children, when they are in the house, is in the room she occupies. She can then have a general oversight of them; be prepared to set little differences right, when appealed to by them; correct wrong habits or the manifestation of selfihness or passion; and can give their minds  a turn in the right direction. That which children enjoy, they think mother can be pleased with, and it is perfectly natural for them to consult mother in little matters of perplexity.

And the mother should not wound the heart of her sensitive child by treating the matter with indifference or by refusing to be troubled with such small matters. That which may be small to the mother is large to them. And a word of direction, or caution, at the right time will often prove of great value. An approving glance, a word of encouragement and praise from the mother, will often cast a sunbeam into their young hearts for a whole day.


Nursing Mother

The character of the child is more or less affected by the nature of the nourishment received from the mother. How important, then, that the mother, while nursing her infant, should preserve a happy state of mind, having perfect control of her own spirit. By thus doing, the food of the child is not injured, and the calm, self-possessed course the mother pursues in the treatment of her child has much to do in molding the mind of the infant. If it is nervous and easily agitated, the mother’s careful, unharried manner will have a soothing and correcting influence, and the health of the infant will be much improved.

baby's sun bathing

baby's sun bathing


Mothers who have youthful minds to train and the characters of children to form should not seek the excitement of the world in order to be cheerful and happy. They have an important lifework, and they and their cannot afford to spend time in an unprofitable manner. Time is one of the important talents which God has entrusted to us and for which He will call us to account. A waste of time is a waste of intellect. The powers of the mind are susceptible of high cultivation. It is the duty of mothers to cultivate their minds and keep their hearts pure. They should  improve every means within their reach for their intellectual  and moral improvement that they may be qualified to improve the minds of their children.

Those who indulge their disposition to be in company will soon feel restless unless visiting or entertaining visitors. Such have not the power of adaptation to circumtances. The necessary, sacred home duties seem commonplace and uninteresting to them. They have no love for self-examination or self-discipline. The mind hungers for the varying, exciting scenes of worldly life; children are neglected for the indulgence of inclination; and the recording angel writes, “Unprofitable servants.” God designs that our minds should not be  purposeless but should accomplish good in this life.

Parents Understand Children

Parents should not forget their childhood years, how much they yearned for sympathy and love and how unhappy they felt when censured and fretfully chided. They should be young again in their feelings and bring their minds down to understand the wants of their children. Yet with firmness, mixed with love, they should require obedience from their children. The parents’ word should be implicitly obeyed.

Molding Society and Future

The nobler the aims, the higher the mental and spiritual endowments, and the better developed the physical powers of the parents, the better will be the life equipment they give their children. In cultivating that which is best in themselves, parents are exerting an influences to mold society and to uplift future generations…

Through the indulgence of appetite and passion their energies are wasted, and millions are ruined for this world and for the world to come. Parents should remember that their children must encounter these temptations. Even before the birth of the child, the preparation should begin that will enable it to fight successfully the battle against evil.

Especially does responsibility rest upon the mother. She, by whose lifeblood the child is nourished and its physical frame built up, imparts to it also mental and spiritual influences that tend to the shaping of mind and character.