A Life of Single Mother

A single mother life is somewhat hard. You have to work alone just to supply the need of your child. A single mother will make whatever sacrifices in order to give her child a normal life just like other children. They learn the responsibilities, acts as a father at the same a mother to her child and have to learn to live without certain life in order to raise them. 

My sister is a single mother. She has a hard time taking care of her baby. Good thing on her, we have our mother helping her in taking care of her child. She needs to work just to support the needs of her child as well as she has to support and finish her studies. As she go to work my mother stand as a mom to her child. At night she had to go to school to study. In her situation, she later had least time and attention given to her child because my compassionate mother nursed the baby. But she does everything and sacrificed some other things just to fulfill her duty as a mother to her child.  

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