Here are some things that I learn from observing my sister and my nephew that I though of following when my baby is at the right age.

Sometimes my sister has tough times in feeding her child. It irritates her when my nephew seems not to fell like eating and spits the food that my sister feels like giving up. So it came to her mind that she has to give her child a variety of food everyday so that everyday the child has a new taste to discover. By giving of variety of food, my sister found out the foods that my nephew prefers to eat. She doesn’t let the child eat between meals and not giving him any processed foods.

While my nephew eats my sisters talk to him. Sometimes she allow him to help her in preparing the food he eat, so that she can identify what food his child wants to eat and she strive to guide the child in choosing some food which are full of nutrients. She’s doing that so be sure that soon the child would learn to prepare the foods that provide nutrients and he will learn to go to the kitchen to prepare his food on his own.

My sister discipline her child on how to fill his food in his plate that he will be trained to determine the exact amount of food to eat. My sister allows her child to eat at his own pace. She has the set of time to eat and she strictly sustains the exact meal time to make her child disciplined. She’s make a role that no television, games and computer games in meal time, every thing will be set aside. Eat first before anything else. Every time her child does something good, she gives an appreciation and offers a hug as an award to his son. With all these they had a cheerful and healthy eating time together.

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