Frequently the patience of the mother is taxed with these numerous little trials that seem scarcely worth attention. Mischievous hands and restless feet create a great amount of labor and perplexity for the mother. She has to hold fast the reins of self-control, or impatient words will slip from her tongue. She almost forgets herself time and again, but a silent prayer to her pitying Redeemer calms her nerves, and she is enabled to hold the reins of self-control with quiet dignity. She speaks with calm voice, but it has cost her an effort to restrain harsh words and subdue angry feelings which, if expressed, would have destroyed her influence, which it would have taken time to regain. The true Christian mother will not drive her children from her presence by her fretfulness and lack of sympathizing love.

As a mother to my little boy, sometimes I quiet had loose my patience when he wants to be carried all the time. When I get irritated I sometimes forget that I already had raised my voice, but immediately I realize that it was not good that I’m raising my voice, and  right away I apologize to my son. Day by day I learn my mistake, what I do before I step out of bed every morning is pray and always include in my prayer that I will have better self-control.  And I ask for guidance from above to the Almighty One that my son will grow in accordance to His will.      

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