The world needs mothers who are mothers not merely in name but in every sense of the word. We may safely say that the distinctive duties of woman are more sacred, more holy, than those of man. Let woman realize the sacredness of her work and in the strength and fear of God take up her life’s mission. Let her educate her children for usefulness in this world and for home in the better world. The mother is the queen of the home, and the children are her subjects. She is to rule her household wisely. Her influence in the home is to be paramount. If she is a Christian, under God’s control, she will command the respect of her children. The children are to be taught to regard their mother as a queen who is to guide and direct them.

When I was younger then, I remember that my mother always reminds us to be a good girl and good boy; she teaches us the thing that we need to know. You must know the chores at home, in a way soon when you make your own family you can lead your family right. She utters. She teaches us to pray to God always as our way of communication to our Heavenly Father. She guides us in our daily youth activities. She led us in the right path. Until I got married, still she is there willing to steer me as I needed her advice.    

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  2. Hmmm…good to find out, there were certainly a few items which I hadn’t thought of before.