Daily Archives: September 13, 2009

Approaching Task With Restful Spirit And Loving Heart

As mothers, we need to learn the right method and acquire tact for the training of your little one’s that they may keep the way of the Lord. We need to seek constantly the highest culture of mind that we may bring to the education and training of our children a restful spirit, and a loving heart. We need to imbue them with pure aspiration, and cultivate in them a love for things honest, pure, and holy.

Few realize the effect of a mild, firm manner, even in the care of an infant. The fretful, impatient mother or nurse creates peevishness in the child in her arms, whereas a gentle manner tends to quiet the nerves of the little one.

I have a high regard for my sister-in-law, she had eight year old daughter. Even though she is a working mother, she can still attend her daughter in preparing all the need things of her child, without pressure. She can still smile and when you look at her you can be inspired by her strength and determination. She has the spirit of gentleness in every thing that she does.