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Hyperactivity and Naughtiness Bevahior

A healthy, growing child is naturally active and inquisitive. He moves a lot and asks many questions. He is into sorts of nooks and crannies and gets into all kinds of trouble. These are perfectly normal and no cause for concern.

However, in order to develop fully, a child must learn to fucos on an activity, to stick to it until it is done. This is where the hyperactive child may find difficulty. He cannot usually finish tasks set before him.

Moreover, he moves too fast to adequately assess the situation. So he goes about unaware that he may be harming others or destroying plants and property. This situation is cause for concern.

The child is said to be hyactive when: he cannot keep still or stay put for any length of time; his attention is easily diverted, he is too restive to finish the task at hand;he has very little patience or persistence; he does not listen or obey. If he obeys at all, he does things his ownway; his movement are rough and uncontrolled. He frequently hurts his playmates and breaks his toys; he seems thoughtless and indefferent to what others feel; he demands immediate gratification and his hyperactivity becomes pronounced when schools starts.