Daily Archives: September 24, 2009


There are many of mothers that just seem born to take care of children especially in the culture of the Philippines that the mother should be in the house just to take to her family. She is prioritizing her children to assure that everything will be alright. She has something to sacrifice, maybe her career. Mother works twenty four hour, no holiday, no day off, it’s a kind of work that nobody does. No one really prepare for this exhausting job only the mother. Mother wants their children feel that they have loved enough. Motherhood is one of the toughest of all genetic responsibilities and one that is so tightly scrutinize by societal expectations that many mothers feel like failure. The commitment of motherhood is lasting, hardly ever talked.

Before I decided to get pregnant, I also have decided to give up my work once the baby born. And I’m going to be a hands-on mother to my baby. I have to commit myself to be a typical Filipina mother to my baby just to take care of him. I really would like to get back to work but I have to sacrifice that desire especially that I am breastfeeding my baby. That is also because I don’t want to leave my baby into anybody else care. Today, I am a full time mother to my baby.