Daily Archives: September 27, 2009


Babies at age of seven months start to distinguish the real form unreal. It is at this age that they appreciate the things around them like colors and size. They recognize sounds and movements and recognize where it came from. They get easily attracted especially to colorful things. With all that we may need to guide them so they would be aware of those things. Kids at this age are very curious so we better keep an eye on them to keep them away from harms.

The previous day we were at Ayala mall to get his last immunization shots for HIB as well as his monthly check-up and while we are busy at our window shopping, we noticed that our little boy was attracted at something and he kept on turning his head looking for that something that may have amused him. We found out that he is eyeing on a red mascot. He was focusing his sight on a big battery operated Santa Clause. He may have wondered if the moving thing is real or fancy. So my husbands immediately took him and bought him near the moving thing. As soon as they get closer, our little boy smiled and his father tried to make him interact with the machine. His eyes were glaring and he switches looks from Santa Clause to his father as if he is comparing what he is seeing trying to find if he is interacting to real persons. I saw the happiness in his face while he’s talking to a battery operated Santa Clause. They stayed for awhile to take some picture for his collection.