Baby’s Speedy Development

My baby shows development of his mental intellect. I sensed his feeling of self centeredness.  Sometimes he is curious on doing things. He is starting to understand object stability.

 He has improved a lot and he has mastered things that he does everyday. He can now straighten his back and twist her trunk as he sit. He has the ability to ease to sit for longer periods of play. I talk to him straight and he looks at me. He love to drink water and on meal time he already understands when we tempt him with water. Little by little He understands the game that initiate in his finger play. He now grabs things and plays with them. He now knows how to demonstrate sign languages like waving good-bye.  He crawls most of the time and makes some attempts to stand by grabbing secure thing for his support. He tries to get what he wants and he finds ways to get there. He mumbles a lot more and catches anybody’s attention by calling using some sort of sound. He gets amaze by unfamiliar sounds and look everywhere to find where it came from. He smiles to familiar people and people who try to play with him. He smiles with glee every time he sees his father arriving from work.

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