Teaching to Communicate

One of the most important thing that our child needs to learn is to communicate. In their minor mind, parent should have time to teach them communicating to babies or kids of their age to developed their relationship toward other children.  Through communicating with each other, babies create esteem and would make them bold as a human.SNV36151

For my little baby boy I let him practice communicating to his little friends (Babies or kids at his age or a bit older).  We set certain time to visit friends with babies to make them close. We give them time to play and in a way they would seem to talk to each other even though we don’t understand their words but in their little ways, they understand each other. I have to join and help them to play with their little finger. In our church there is a class for the little one so I bring him to the cradle roll class so that he has so much time to see other children though he don’t understand the stories that they listen to. In same way he will meet new kids that will soon become his friends. He also has much time to smile, he smiles to the people who talks to him.

Baby Talks

Baby Talks

Indeed, through these practice the children will strappingly develop their communication skill and their speech. And also their personal relationship will slowly build up.

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