Daily Archives: November 2, 2009

Potty Training

It is of high importance that we train our child in their little ways, especially in scheduling their waste disposal activities like peeing. They have to learn early in their age. To make them discipline in a proper way of disposing body waste. Mothers must have a good feel in sensing their child’s needs of waste disposal especially because at their age they can’t be vocal about their needs. Mothers should be attentive to their little one at this time, so we can bring them to the right place to yield to their needs.

My baby boy is just eight months old and as early as this age we are teaching him to dispose his waste only on his potty.  At first I have had a hard time because I have to observe him to figure out the time he usually poo. But I notice that he poo every after meal or after he woke up from sleep. So, what I did was when he makes a sound and gesture like on the verge of “know what I mean” …. When he holds his breath and his face turn red, I without delay pull out his diaper and bring him into the potty.   Shortly we were able to schedule his waste disposal.