Playing With Bubbles

My baby has just turn nine months and I am glad to say that my baby’s development is in accord with what the expert were saying. At this age babies stands and moves around by his own with the support of stable holds that he grabs on and can bend his knees. My little son learn to take few steps. He slowly sets down from standing. Every time I cuddle him and stands in front of our main door he tries to hold the door nub and in return I bring him near so he can touch and grab the door nub. We also had observed that he cries every time I repel something from his hand especially fruits or foods that he enjoys. If he wants something and seems that nobody notices him, he also cries.

enjoyed playing the bubbles

enjoyed playing the bubbles

 One thing really amazes me, every time I wash our clothes in the washing machine he turns uneasy not because he is scared with the buzzing sound but simply because he wanted to get near the tub to watch the bubbles twirling. He cries if we put him on his crib. He gets so delighted when we allowed him to touch the bubbles. He enjoys playing with them and we just love watching him wearing those big smiles.

wow... nice feeling playing the bubbles...

wow... nice feeling playing the bubbles...

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9 Responses to Playing With Bubbles

  1. Joy, nice post. Hehehe, it’s not so hard to make him smile, right?

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