Rare Plant

One Sunday, while we were on our Sunday morning exercise at a playground near in our house, a plant truly catches my attention. It looks like an artificial ornamental plant. Not contented by just starring from afar I came closer to the plant and I try to touch it. To my surprise the plant was real. I just can’t believe my eye coz it really looked artificial when I looking from the distance and even when you are near. I really enjoyed seeing that plant. It’s one of a kind. I admit that I’ve seen a lot of rare plants and flower in mountain when I was still active with mountaineering they were nice and beautiful. This one too.  I appreciate the beauty of every flower at the mountain, and this plant that I’ve seen at the playground of the school, really makes difference. It has a unique color and beauty that I really attract my sight. In fact, I don’t know what kind of plant it was and I don’t even know what it is called.      

rare plant

rare plant

Every thing in nature will always be good in the sight of every human especially in children. Mothers should expose your little one in the nature, even in their young age. We have to tell them of the creation that were made by our Heavenly Creator.

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