Daily Archives: May 2, 2011

Summer Job

A smorgasbord of activities awaits the young at summertime. For example, some students associate summer with fun and relaxation – whooping it in beaches, resorts, or other places; others spend such time earning extra cash by working in fastfood outlets and restaurants, gasoline stations, and other business establishments.

A good number of students take up summer job these days, you hear them greet you a hearty “Good morning, sir” or “Good morning, ma’am,” as you walk into a fastfood outlet. Clad in their respective fastfood outfit, they look prim and smart as they serve your food complete with spontaneous smile. “Enjoy your meal, sir! (ma’am), “they quip, and perhaps, you must have felt their gentle manner rub off on you.

This scenario plays itself before us as we visit malls or other places where a fastfood outlet is located. Some of these student workers are in high school; others – and perhaps the majority – are in college. There are even small boys and girls who try their hands at doing “serve with a smile”. A number, no doubt, work part-time during regular semesters. These student workers bide their time between study and work to help defray their school expenses and earn extra cash for daily needs.

We laud their spirit and attitude toward work. We uphold and promote the dignity of labor, because the values we learn from it are enumerable and immeasurable: courtesy, politeness, respect, thrift, honesty, you name it. Cognizant of this fact, a number of big business establishments sponsor programs directed especially to students who endeavor to earn while they learn. Institutions of learning offer the work-study program, and many students, past and present, have availed themselves of this extraordinary educational program. There’s no better time to train the hands to do productive work than when one is young.

Next time you leave any fastfood outlet and heat these student workers call out a spirited “Thanks you for coming, sir(ma’am),” try to return their smile and thank them for making work an important part of their life. They, too, need appreciation, you know. 

Pair of Summer Wear

Summer is here and the best thing to do on summer in tropical countries like the Philippines is to go on vacation trip to some beautiful resort and plunge in cool waters of the swimming pool or bask  in beaches enjoying the cool summer breeze amidst the husky sultry sun. We already have planned for all these and we already have our schedule of activities. But before we do all that we will first do our kids one favor. We will be shopping clothes for summer.

My firstborn is now 27 months old and he have out grown most of his clothes even those oversized clothes that we bought for him when he turned 1 year. Those clothes are suppose to be for 2 – 3 year old kids, however he have grown so well that those clothes no longer fits him. Last summer we went to a 5-star beach resort where we get our son enjoy the water in the swimming pool. We had him wore his surfing clothes and he looked so cool with it. This summer we could not have him wear the same as he by far outgrown them.  So we decided that this summer we’re going to him a new pair of surfing clothes and floaters for him to wear as once again we will be enjoying the waters this month.