Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

Personalize Gift Box

Everyone loves to receive gifts – kids, teens, adults and yes, even the aged.

Wrapping a gift is an art. The easiest and most convenient way to do it, however, is to simply buy ready-made, same-designed bags and boxes that are available almost anywhere.

But how about setting aside some minutes in making a personalized box or bag to place your gift in? Not only will the receiver appreciate it because of the time and effort you put in making it; it will also enhance your creativeness.

For a starter, try this simple yet love-filled creation.

Materials :  Flip-top box(big enough to hold your surprise); Color papers; pictures of receiver’s favorite items from old newspaper; ½ x 4’ color ribbon; fancy ribbon for bow; scissors; construction paper for the card; glue; tape; color pens or pencils; chocolates, candies, cute novelty items, or anything that serves as your gift.

Procedure :  Wrap your box with color paper; Decorate box with pictures; Cut out hearts. Glue one to top end of ½” x 4’ ribbon. Write “pull string, please” on the heart; Tape your surprise – chocolates, candies, etc. – on ribbon with hearts as background; Write your message on a personally made card from a construction paper. Glue card to bottom end of ribbon. Wait for glue to dry; Put your string of surprise inside the box, card first; Tape glued heart –on-string to flip-top of box. Close the box; Tie box with fancy bow.