Bunnies On Easter Sunday

Our two year old baby boy adores animals and animal like figure. That is because we had him used to watching all different kind of animals on video.

Last Easter Sunday we went out and get our baby to have fun with little kids in an indoor playground. The playground was decorated well. This time it’s with plush Easter bunny baskets filled with Easter eggs. The playground attendant was also waiting by the door pulling out Easter treats from a plush bunny treat bag.

While playing my son’s suddenly ran to the entrance as he saw three little kids wearing bunny hoodies. He may have thought that those were cool because he would like to wear them too.

Plush Easter bunnies are really cool must have items especially on Easter Sundays. Before we left for home we drop by a store and purchase on huggable bunny too for our son. The good thing is our son just loved it. In fact he enjoy playing with them. He holds his bunny and talk to them as if they were talking back.

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