Monthly Archives: December 2011

Saved Boxes

My husband love to shop on-line, and I must admit that on-line shopping is real convenient. The only inconvenience that I am getting here are the turned-out useless boxes that we my husband dumped at our storage room almost every time he receives his packages.

Sometimes the packages that are delivered to us are wrapped with packaging tapes. Perhaps the carrier wrapped them when the boxes were damage during shipment. Because of this we end up pulling the adhesive packaging tapes and damage the box. We use scissors too but in most cases we end up tearing them apart because they are not cut right.

I throw away boxes that are not properly cut. They seem useless to me. Lately my husband ordered box cutters and they are perfect especially the one that has edge guide, it help us cut boxes straight. I wish we have had this long before. We could have made use of those package boxes.

Eyelash Enhancer

Have you ever trim your eyelashes? Looking back to my younger years makes me laugh. I am not vane or so but I believe all women would like to be beautiful especially when you are young, and so was I. I’ve got a Chinese blood and so I’ve got silky white fair skin. Unlike typical Chinese my eyes were not small rather they are animated. The only problem is that my eyelashes were short. When I was at my teenage years many people have noticed my eye and so I receive a lot of nice comments. Though, a lot of people also commented that they could have been more beautiful if my eyelashes were longer.

I began hearing people say that trimming eyelashes will trigger the lashes to grow longer. I also hear people saying that there are products that would grow eyelashes. I was young and impatient to become a lady back then and I think I hear enough of comments from people saying that my eyes could have been more beautiful if my eyelashes were longer. I know longer lashes will make my eyes more beautiful, I’ve got no money then and I can’t wait to have a hold of eyelash growth products that work. I did the craziest thing to my eyelashes; I trim them.

What I did was ridiculous. That act makes me feel terrible. I took a while for my eyelashes to grow back to its original length. They did not grow longer. I wish I did not hurry up and just have waited for the eyelash growth product.

Christmas as a Family of Four

Time travels fast. I started this blog six months after I give birth to our first born son “Zach.” Initially the intention was to have a weekly or monthly account of my son’s activity and growth. Things went well, and for some reason my blog was off its course. Anyhow, I was able to put into account some of my son’s activity until he was a year old. I know I was able to post our first ever Christmas as a family. It was the happiest Christmas and New Year celebration we ever had. We were a family of three for more than two years.

We never thought of celebrating Christmas 2011 and New Year 2012 as a family of four it was never planned. The Lord Almighty is so great for He know exactly what makes us more happy and complete. This holiday season and New Year our hearts are felt with gratitude for the blessings that the Almighty had poured unto us and most of all for the new angel that God added to our family “Zuriel Shane.” Truly this is the start of the happiest New Years of our lives.

Insurance Rate

The other day my husband went out to party with his colleagues while at the lounge, one of his colleague began to ask about the insurance coverage that their company have provided to them. Well, it’s not small and not big either. However the topic gets them to fonder how valuable life is. Moreover, the discussion gets them to think more of their love ones. What if something happen to you and you will be out of the picture? Will your insurance be enough to take care of the expenses? Will your family be left with substantial amount for them to start a new life?

We all know that life is priceless, no amount can equal to moments that we spend with our families. However, we all know that life is uncertain, and in this world we are all passing through. Checking for a better life insurance with great coverage and best life insurance rate is just practical; at least we leave our families some security when we leave this world.

Pewter Beads

Jewelries and accessories are timeless elements of passion. Clothing designs maybe outdated by new trends over time, but not jewelries. I can vouch for that. As a matter of fact, not a year that passes that I don’t find beads anywhere. I may say that I get to collect an average of 5 beads each year. I don’t look for them, I accidentally find them.

Early 2000 the business was booming. One of my friends was into the pewter beads business which she started in year 2002 this has been her bread and butter even until now.

Her business was quite affected when competition was high in the market. Anyhow, she made it through but it was tough. Success in Pewter beads business relies in makers’ artistry.

Baby Monitor

My first born is now a toddler.  As we may know toddlers are restless. They run around the room, they shout on their play and are really noisy in almost everything that they do.  My son is not an exception; yes he’s real noisy when he is having fun at play. It is of his noise that my two month old baby gets disrupted on her sleep.

Baby monitor

Sleep or rest is very important for infants; growth is attained most when babies are at sleep.  So to foster my baby’s growth we decided to keep her in her room when at rest to avoid disruption while we are all in the living room or anywhere in the house to finish our works and chores.  The only challenge we had with this is that when the baby cries we could hardly hear her because she is at the second floor. We thought of installing a cctv for us to be able to monitor our baby while at sleep.  While that is a good idea, we thought that it’s going to be costly. We search the web for possibly cheap cctv and by chance found something even better. We accidentally found the best of things that we were looking for our baby. We can’t help but read each description, comments, and reviews for each of the best baby monitor.

What we had was a bet pricey; we consider reviews so we can certainly tell that what we have is the best of all baby monitors. The picture quality is more than satisfactory even at night, and the two-way audio is astonishingly good.

With what we have, we are able to efficiently do our works and sleep will. Our baby is able to get ample rest and definitely undisrupted.