Daily Archives: January 29, 2012

Restore Bad Credit

Have you been drowned in excessive debt? I can’t imagine the horror I felt inside when I realized that I was in financial trouble.  I summed up my balances on different credit cards and I was terrified. It almost squared my annual income, it was horrible.

A year after in-spite of the fact that we pay twice more that the monthly minimum bill each month, we seem to have not move an inch. It was frustrating. We start missing some bills after I give birth. Priorities are here and since then the more we were in debt.  We almost cry but tears could not resolve our problem so we hold it back. My husband and I seek counsel, searched the internet for resolutions and we found a lot of suggestions.

RMCN Credit Services has been a great resource to us. Little by little we learned about the program. We were a little anxious when we started but even though we just have started I sense that we are on the correct path and eventually things will turn out right. Even now I can definitely say that RMCN has helped us restore bad credit and has educated us on how we are to improve our credit scores.