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Durable Bike Rack

Biking has always been an all-time favorite recreational activity for friends, lovers, and families. Such activity promotes good relationship as well as good health and strength. It is of these that we desired to make that as one of our recreation activity when our kids are big enough to drive a bike and could keep up with a tolerable distance.

Thule 594XT Sidearm

Biking on different trails gives challenge and excitement for most bikers. A friend of mine had been biking for more than a year but he is only able to go mountain biking to nearby parks and nearby woods which is not so much of a challenge. There were a number of instance that he was invited to go along to some distant place to take some challenge on an unfamiliar terrain but be was not able to come because he do not have the bike rack for SUVs. Basically if he will load his bike to the roof of his SUV, three things may happen; the bike could possibly scratch the roof, the bike might be damaged when they get to pass some bumpy roads, or the bike may fall from the top of the SUV during the trip.

Having a durable bike rack at the top of your car would stir you clear from all these worries. What it offers you is the peace of mine knowing that your bike is properly and securely placed at the top of your SUV. Further it gives you joy since you will now be able to keep up with the challenge biking with friends on unfamiliar terrain.

Pool Chlorinator

Going to the pool tops our list on favorite get together activities. Swimming and playing with water is probably the most exciting activity for my son. Every time we go near bodies of water, my son would always want to remove his shirt and play with the water.

School break is coming and we are kind of positive that on this break, the chance is 70 percent we will most likely have a pool party.  It is of this reason that we already advised our friend where we will be spending the vacation to get the pool ready.


As we are accustomed to, when visiting a friend we always bring a present. I was browsing the web when I get to glance at those beautiful resort facilities. Oh they were lovely. Suddenly the idea of gifting something that we all could benefit this vacation hit me, which was when I saw this t-cell-15. This chlorinator will surely make our friend happy and further would get us all to enjoy the water in their pool.

Just Can’t Get Enough


While checking each picture folder I ran across these photos taken last February and looking at these brings smile to my face. These pictures were taken at SM particularly in the North Wing. We used to get Zach to play in play houses like this. We tried not to get closer to the playhouse this time for we know what’s going to happen if he gets to notice the playhouse.

Zach had been to this playhouse just once and that first time was like two months prior to this day. Little did we know our little Zach’s memory worked like a tracker, oh boy he knew the way to the playhouse. He was restless and so we gave-in, just so timely since I need to breastfeed my then five month old daughter.

Zach enjoys himself so much in the playhouse but we can’t understand why he hated that Dora the explorer stuff toy so much. Every time he climbed to the upper deck and see Dora, he picks Dora up and threw the poor cartoon character to the ground.

Fire Fighter Zach

Later on he saw some kid trying on those little costumes so he also grabbed his dad so he can try to fit the fire fighter uniform. Look my there’s my brave little fire fighter.  Then he drives the truck fast as if racing with his dad. But know what the kicker was? It was when it’s time to go. Three hour play seems not enough for our little boy but it was almost 9PM and the play house is about to close. Zach was crying so hard not wanting to go. He was confused though whether to go back in or follow us since we show him that we are leaving. He walked ten steps going our direction then stopped and looked back to the playground. He just stood still and was crying his heart out. His dad ran to him and hugged him tight saying stop crying Zach we’ll get back her some other day promise, but that’s enough for today. Zach just embraced and subbed at his dad’s shoulder as he carried him in his arms. Zach understood his dad and after 10 min he just fell asleep.

Discover Butuan City – Discover Delta Adventure Park

Butuan City shall I say is a not so productive city. I have grown up here in Butuan and I really don’t see much progress. There was even a time when small companies have closed. I left Butuan city and tried my luck in the big cities where I stayed, and lived with my husband and our two kids. I my thoughts, Butuan could never be as productive or as developed as Cebu, Manila, Davao, or Cagayan de Oro. Now that’s a challenge. I never thought good things good possibly happen and fun could be found in Butuan City, I was wrong.

Just recently I and my kids moved back to Butuan City my home place while my hubby is left in Cebu for a living. On one random Sunday my little sister suddenly said that she’d like to visit a place and invited us to go. Without hesitation we packed up few things and jumped right to the SUV. Heck, we don’t even have much food but for the sake of fun and travel (which I love to do most) we heeded to Delta Discover Park in Bonbon.

Delta Discover Park Zip Line

Delta Discover Park is located in Bonbon, Butuan City.  The place is new and it’s my first time to come to the place. To my amazement Butuan City has added one more place that the City can be proud of.  Delta Discover Park holds the record for having the longest zip line in Asia. Among its amenities and addition to the longest zip line are the ATV and Buggy Trail, Trekking trail, Aviary Park, and swimming pool. They also have function halls for special occasions.

We have not tried the zip lines though but we have had fun time in the swimming pool specially the kids. What made the day memorable was that we went home hungry because we run out of foods and we don’t have money in our pocket to buy more foods. Lol.

“Cubi – Cubi Beach” during Dad’s Birthday

Papa’s birthday has passed and I would say we had a wonderful time that day. There was this do or not plans a day before his birthday but none of them came thru. Mom just thought of cooking some foods and we will just eat as a family and thank God for another year of goodness, health, well-being, successes, protection, and all the blessings the Almighty gave to Dad.

So that was just about it, that was the plan not until Dad decided that we go to beach in the 11th hour. Well, that’s typically just my dad. So off I started dialing my kens’ numbers early morning informing them about what dad wants. The good thing was everybody seems have nothing much important to do that day and so we gathered easily.

We quickly bought what we need to bring to the beach and we went our way Cubi – Cubi Beach. This beach has always been our family’s hang out place. Birthdays, and post event or holiday celebrations are held here. Cubi – Cubi beach is very memorable place to me since it is in this place where I started to know the person I gave my heart to, the person I share my life with now; my husband.

Below are our pictures during the celebration with our children having fun in the shore.

Cubi-Cubi Beach Fun.

Feeding my son Zach; he ate a lot coz he sought to go back to the sea to play.

Papa playing with Mama and their grand children.

Sis and Mom

Sissy Jury and mama preparing our food for lunch.

The little ones has the bottles of wine.

Time to fill the bread basket. (Lunch Time)

For Our Family Camping

On my previous post I have written about tips on selecting and proper way of carrying heavy bag without harming your back. If you notice the most was most likely referring to backpacks. Well, that’s probably because backpacking, mountain climbing, camping and the like is one thing that I love to do most.  My husband and I are both outdoor lovers, we’ve got this passion to trek, mountain climb, and camp, and the like.

Nemo MOKI footprint

It has been a while that we have not climb mountains, because of that our camp equipments has long not been used and some were worn out. Thanksgiving is coming and so we know that there will be camp equipment deals that we might be able to consider. This time we would not miss it since we are planning to camp as a family sometime next year.

Our 2nd Stop on Dad’s Day “Masaua”

For centuries historians were debating about the exact location of the first mass in the Philippines. The event was viewed very important in the religious context since it was the beginning of Christianity in the Philippines.

Magellan’s chronicler wrote that the first cross was erected in a place widely believed as mistaken to be Limasawa in southern leyte.

Historians later on found out with the excavation of Balanghai (Spaniard Vessel) at Ambangan, Libertad, Butuan City. And with thorough research they then concluded that the place where first mass was held was Masaua in Butuan City.

This is Masaua our second stop on dad’s birthday.

Sis Jury, niece Jamellah, and auntie a front the image of natives of Butuan along with Spanish Christians during the first ever recorded mass in the Philippines.


Masaua Cross

The Fellowship. The Mass

Simple and Sweet Life

Going to local yet beautiful places is something that we are not able to when we were still in the big city. Life is busy and the traffic more often than not is heavy there so when visiting a place though not so far traffic usually eats up your time.

So we have moved back here in my hometown in August; just I and my kids while my husband stay in the big city to keep us living. At first I feel bored as we are already used to life in the city but now I could say that life is so sweet when simple. Here I am able to enjoy a lot of life than when I am in that big city. In the big city we plan for activities and travels ahead of time, but here we get to do unplanned travels and visits to local places and we enjoy it. We get to amazingly travel and visit places like almost every weekend.

Below are places, occasions, events, and activities that we have been into and we have done unplanned. I will tell more about them in my future posts.

Exclusively Ours For a Day

Monday after my daughter’s birthday celebration my husband and I decided that we spend time together; just us with our two precious ones. We then decided to got to Restisita a farm resort own by my husband’s friend.

We learn that they seldom have guest on Mondays, so the pools turned out to be exclusively ours for the day. This is the only tine ever that we are totally alone by ourselves as a family.

Spellbound Enchanted River

Our next stop was the Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. I almost wish I stayed in Tinuy-an when we are on our way to Enchanted River due to the rough ride. The road from the highway to the place was terrible. I wish the government of Hinatuan will bank on their tourist spots to increase income and provide more jobs to their people.

Anyhow, we came to enchanted and yes the place speaks for its self. I was enchanted by the water that’s so blue at anytime of the day. I was enchanted by the fact that the sea water made its way to the middle of the mountain. What’s more amazing are the big fishes that come to the place. Accordingly, schools of fish come to the place around 12 noon or especially when the people play music near the water or rang the bell near the waters. Then they feed the fishes.  The residents in the place said they were amazed by this fishes as nobody trained them to gather every time the music is played or every time the bell is sounded.

We came to the place at five in the afternoon yet we were still able to see a host of fish the gathered near us. The water is real deep and accordingly, no diver has ever fathomed the depths of the water and so it’s very dangerous to those who do not know how to swim.