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Tuxedo For Kids

When our son was a year old we already started buying or collecting clothes that he can wear when he is five. So as not to spend much at one time we sometimes buy a supposedly set, piece by piece. We want him to have his own set of tux that he can use on parties and wedding ceremonies should he be invited as ring bearer on those ceremonies. My husband said he attended several weddings when he was five as ring or covenant bearer. So we expected our son to be the same.

An elegant tuxedo set might be too costly so we decided to buy the pants first. When he was two we bought him a dress. On third year we bought the vest along with the matching bow tie and neck tie. On his fourth year we decided not to buy the tuxedo and dress shoes because we wanted something tailored just for his size when he is five.

Now that he is five we started getting wedding invitations and asked if our son could participate in the ceremony. So we pulled out altogether what we have collected. Our son turned out to be bigger than what we expected and it seems that he has outgrown the vest and dress.

We were worried that we might not make it to the wedding. Online tuxedo stores or shops have been a great help to us, for we found a kids tuxedo here. We were so delighted that we no longer have to worry about parties and weddings because we can now easily avail of the clothes we need for our kids and the price is actually much reasonable. We will probably just sell this collection that we have. Hopefully we’d find one that would fit on these.

Drums for Kids

Nothing makes a parent happier than seeing their children interested in developing different talents. At the studio we often get parent asking if we teach music since their children seem interested to learn.

There was an instance where a group of children came to the studio to practice with the musical instruments and their songs to be rendered on an upcoming party. It was a real joy for me to see these youngsters loving music. Some of them were really having difficulty using full or standard size instruments. This instance made me thought of collecting mid size or junior size musical instruments for the kid’s use. I went on and check my favorite musical instrument store and found this exceptional kids drum at Musicians Friend. This is so perfect for the little ones who were having difficulty reaching the cymbals and drums on standard full size drum sets. I am looking forward to collecting more junior size instruments.

Amazingly Unique

Parent’s love for their children is unconditional. We love to our children even with their differences, no matter what. In my case I have a child with a special condition; (Autism) but he is functional, but I am lucky to have him. I know those parent with a child same as condition to my child will understand my feelings (not all though but those who already have accepted the uniqueness of their child). I know my son is difference from other children, but I proud of him.

These unique little angels are just so advanced in some ways. My four year old son though not so communicative can do amazing things that other children of his same age cannot. He loved to take pictures using the phone camera or our digital camera, and yes he knows how to aim. He is amazingly unique.

Here some his shots.

Education for Learning Disabilities

It took us two years to accept the fact that our first born have learning disabilities. My husband; a Bachelor of Science in Psychology graduate already noticed the tale signs of our son’s learning disabilities when our son was two years old since our son does not have most of the capabilities of kids of his age. Even now that he is four years old he still does not converse or communicates. He is not mute since he can speak. He knows colors, shapes, numbers, and letters of the alphabets. He could say mom or dad but he could not even call us mom or dad, he also knows his sister’s name but he does not call her by her name.

So when he was three we decided to bring him to a specialist and we learned about the problem. My husband was right; our son has autism. He is functional as the specialist calls it but he’s got language base differences. We thought we end the denial stage and decided to look check for schools for learning disabilities that could help our son because we desire to get him to join the mainstream in few years.

It is truly difficult to find a school that has perfect program or training that could assist a person with learning disabilities’ development. My husband being a psychology graduate checks every school’s programs and evaluates if he thinks the program could best help our son. He said he beyond doubt admires the systemic orton gillingham method he wished our son grows fast and time would fly real quick so that we could get our son to enroll. Unfortunately at this time the orton gillingham training is still not applicable for his age. We truly are looking forward to get our son such kind of education.

Meanwhile, we have checked about twenty schools and we are able to pick only three schools which we think could somehow bring out the best for our little one.

Shadow of your Abilities

Life of the students faces a series of problems as they go through with their studies. One that tops most is their grades.

Nowadays, that school grades become the major anxiety among students and too much concern of it, ignite fierce competition. Most of the so-called brilliant students are caught up on a competitive maze that emphasized grades and class rank rather than learning. As a result, students learn early in school to ask what is going to be on the test and study only that material. Thus, fierce competition for academic accolades becomes futile.

Education, in its truest sense, is more than racking up points on tests. It is developing the skill of taking raw information and drawing sound, practical conclusion from it. So how can you achieve good grades that will truly reflect your abilities?

One thing is to take responsibility in your studies. Do not tend to blame your poor performances on sources beyond your control like unfair test questions, prejudiced instructor, bad luck or the weather. Actually, there is no such thing like these, instead, laziness often be the real reason for low grades. Good student, however, take responsibility for their learning, their secrets? It’s start from personal motivation. This keeps them moving. They put themselves on a reachable schedules and systematic organization of study routine. How hard they are willing to study and apply themselves in school.

You attitude and environment also counts in obtaining good grades. Concentrate and avoid distractions. To do this effectively, institute a get-tough policy with yourself. You can start doing this by clicking off or setting aside your Television remote control and other things that would divert your focus. A quite place also benefits you to have a peaceful study. If possible, use a desk with plenty of space on which to spread out your work. Keep supplies such as pencils and paper handy so you won’t to get up constantly. Make sure too, that you have an adequate, glare-free lighting. Good lighting reduces study fatigue and protects your eyes as well. A cool room provides a more invigorating study environment than a warm room does.

But how about if there will be an examination next week? Do not panic. First try to discern from your teacher’s comments what kind of test it will be, such as an essay test or multiple choices. Also, listen to the clues as to what will appear in the test. Lastly, review your notes and try to get a good night sleep.

If you think you’ve already done these and still you flunk on the exam, do not be disappointed. The humiliation of failing a test may well worst if it spurs you on to learn from your mistakes and improve. Remember that your grades are not the final judgment on your worth as a person. Nevertheless, take advantage of the time you are in school and learn as much as you can. Usually, that effort will be reflected in grades that will make you feel happy and contented.

Ukulele for Our Kids

It’s a good thing that administrators and teachers in the school where my nephews and niece comes are banking on developing the children’s talent. They are teaching their students to play musical instruments. Two of my nephews are required to obtain a ukulele. When my husband came home last September for our daughter’s 1st birthday, mom asked him to buy two ukuleles for these boys I suggested three so our little Zach may also have one but asked to buy the cheapest for Zach since he’ll just make it as his toys.

Next week my husband will be coming home and he said he’ll be looking for ukuleles but asked me what kind of ukuleles we want him to buy. I began searching online and show him this ukulele from Luna Guitars and gave him the link as well. He said the guitars he saw on the website are of very good quality. They have one of those kinds of ukuleles when they were kids and it remained good until they finish college. That ukulele they owned only got smashed when their first nephew Sean was a toddler. Oh you know what toddlers do.

Round Rainbow

Almost every day, I allow my son and my daughter to spend an hour or two to watch their favorite educational video. Watching these videos helped my kids’ development a lot. We are not native English speakers and yet my son has learned few English words now and when he says those words he sounds like an American too. Thanks to the colorful visual materials that are being used in the video they greatly catches children’s attention.

One of my son’s favorite parts of the video is when the kids gather around and play with colorful shapes and puzzles.  He’d like to have the video paused so many times so he can point out and name each shape and color that he sees, especially on the part when the boy plays with the hoberman sphere. My son call it round rainbow because it has multiple colors.

I check the stores nearby to see if they sell hoberman sphere and the like but to no avail. I Check the internet and luckily found and then I keep coming back here for hoberman sphere.

A friend of mine has just started their business. They are selling toys and other party needs. They usually get their stocks from China. I advised them to check out should they like to buy puzzles. Surely many people are looking for that toy here. Surely I will be purchasing one for my kids.

Ultimately Cute

All babies are amazing; they are cute, lovely, and sweet. What makes them more marvelous is that more than anybody else or any adult their development is real fast.  As days go by you will be amazed with their physical growth. I hope adults still have same growth rate. Duh! Just a wishful thinking… We could have been taller. Everyday you’ll be amazed with their mental and behavioral development too. Babies are ultimately cute.

My daughter has been developing well, I’d been reading books pertaining baby stage of development and I can definitely tell that my daughter is developing well.

My Birthday Scrapbook

My last post we talk about scrapbook and now, let’s do an example of birthday scrapbook and have a flower theme.

Materials Needed: artwork – flower cutouts in different colors, pressed flowers, etc, ballpoint pen, construction paper or acid free decorative papers, color pen, crafting scissors, glue or paste, hard board, memorabilia such as programs, pressed corsage, greeting cards, Old magazines, papers in different colors, photos,, puncher, ribbon or yarn for tying and last, stick.

How to do it:

Buy 8” x 1” pieces of construction papers. Punch the left side of the papers as well as the hard board. Arrange photos and memorabilia on construction paper, including the artwork. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, glue the photos and memorabilia carefully. Enhance photos and memorabilia by framing them in colorful paper. Have captions below the photos and memorabilia. Write “your comments” on the last few pages of the scrapbook. For the cover, you may use hard board. Cut out letters from old magazines that spell “My Birthday Scrapbook” and paste them on the cover. Tie the pen with a ribbon and secure it in the upper punched hole of the back cover. And tie pages and cover together using a stick and ribbon.


A scrapbook is a memory book. It is a wonderful stuff for preserving beautiful memories of our life-birth, debut, wedding, or any momentous events; and store photographs, school memories, special collection, or souvenirs.

Scrapbook making is an investment in time and effort and will showcase a person‘s creativity. One’s individuality is shown in one’s scrapbook.

Aside from being an exciting activity to do during school break, it can also be a good therapy for loneliness and boredom.

It is nice to have a theme-flower, heavenly bodies, stickers; anything you love to use as a decoration.