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Drug Dependency and Rehabilitation

My aunt really had a tough time with one of her sons. At first she was afraid to confront him though she really felt that something strange is going on. She started noticing her son’s attitude and behavior change unconstructively and was really convinced at that time that her son was experimenting with either alcohol or drugs. Scared that she might hurt her son if she’ll confront him, she failed to address the matter until she receive a call from the school that her son has been missing school and is failing in most of his class.

Her son has been dependent to drugs and worst before she knew it her precious one has turned alcoholic. Without her knowledge her son sneaks out at night for some alcohol. This was the time that they finally took an action of sending their son to the best drug rehabilitation centers to save him from the wrong lifestyle that he is becoming accustomed. He has got a long-term rehabilitation and was sent to an institution away from home and from his friends.

Every time I think of what my cousin went through when he was dealing with his drug and alcohol dependence I get sick to my stomach; he looked horrible and all sunken in and skinny. Good thing he has gotten into a Native American rehab and realized that his life before drug and alcohol dependence was a happy one and that drugs and alcohol has changed him differently. So far things turned out right for my cousin. He has been rehabilitated and has turned away from drugs and alcohol even before it took a toll on him. Drug and alcohol abuse is not an uncomplicated fix, but it isn’t a terminal disease that you have to live with perpetually. If you find the right drug and alcohol treatment center, a person’s life, choices and actions can be turned around. After all, drug dependence and alcoholism is just a choice.

Baby Shower Gifts

A friend of mine waited for years to have a baby. Countless visits to different doctors were made to obtain medications just to be sure that they will have one, until finally their dream come true and she is soon to deliver her first baby. It’s a baby boy and everybody is excited, a baby shower plan is pulled ahead to celebrate this precious one and their becoming a family.

We then help her prepare the baby’s room. For the baby shower, we started with a list of important people to invite. We also contact some of our closest friends who live quite distant to join and celebrate the party. We sent them personalized invitation cards and we were glad that they confirm to come. This party is special and is going to be full of excitement.  

As one of her closest friend and soon the baby’s godmother I want her to feel that I care and I am happy for her and her first precious baby. So way ahead I thought of wonderful surprises that I could possibly come up to. I decide to shop at an online baby store. It has to be unique, so I have to come up with personalized baby gifts. Shopping online is great; I came across with best baby shower gifts and I now know what to give for her little boy.

Purchasing the item online is very comfortable for me.  There is so much time to shop and a lot of variety of gift item to choose from, all for the baby and my friend. I also check for the online store’s reliability to be sure that the item will arrive at the specific time. So much for that it also saves a lot of money and time.

Skin Allergy

Mother’s are very concern about the skin health of the baby. As we know, the baby’s skin is very sensitive. Mothers should have extra care of it. We make sure that all their stuffs are sterilized and are separated from adults. Mother should also be careful in choosing baby soap, shampoo and lotion as it may also cause allergies and eczema in our baby’s skin.  Eczema is a common skin condition in babies, and recently has been getting more widespread, now affecting as many as 1 in 3 babies in some part of the world.

When my baby boy turned five months, I notice that he has got a dry skin in the right side of his face. We don’t know what that was but that it looks like ringworm. My husband and I decide to bring him to the doctor for his skin check-up.  He told us that it was just a minor skin allergy caused by his bath soap. The doctor’s prescribe a topical steroid cream for his skin allergies.  

Baby Weighing

Monitoring babies’ weight is important in determining babies’ health.  That is why it is widely implemented that this clinical practice of weighing babies should be administered adequately to monitor babies’ physical well being. My friend who’s a pediatrician once told me that if measurements of weight are accurate and the counts of weight gain are plotted appropriately, the resulting profile can be sensibly interpreted and becomes a valuable method of monitoring health. Possibly the greatest benefit is that the mothers have the opportunity to discuss any anxieties about the baby’s health.

As a mother I concerned myself about my baby’s health. Every month I bring my baby to his pediatrician for regular check up. I get to monitor his weight as he grows since we have him weighed in scales every time we come for check up. I especially like the digital baby scale that the pediatrician use most of the time. I just find it so accurate. Now that my baby has grown into a toddler, we don’t visit the doctor as often as before. I thought of checking the store for scales so that I would be able to weigh my son even at home. I thought of asking my brother in law a copy of weigh chart to monitor my precious one’s health.

Adoption Program

One mean adjective in the bound of married life is to have children, without a child inside the marriage it will not be complete and could not be called a family. Some of the couple is not fortunate to have a child of their own; they just that they can’t make it of some reasons and in most cases to save their marriage they would decide either resort to adoption or take care of a niece or nephew and treat them as their own. One certain agency is very concern about couples that have no children, the Wyoming Children’s Society. Such organized agency would be very glad to help every childless couple to have their own children by applying at Wyoming Children’s Society.

The history of Wyoming adoption started in 1911. They first call the agency as Children’s Home Society. They functioned as an orphanage and unwed mothers’ home for many years. Later on they closed the orphanage and focused on providing services to unwed mother and facilitation of infant adoption, which then get them to change the name from Children’s home Societies to Wyoming Children’s Society. They are now assisting families who seek to adopt children waiting in foster care or in other countries such as Russia, China, Korea, India, Haiti, Brazil, and Ethiopia, among others. Additionally, Wyoming Children’s Society has contact with Russian Adoption Agency, they hold a non-expiring license granted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to bring orphaned children home to adoptive families in the United States  since the establish the Russian Adoption Program in 2001. To know more about adoption program and to know more about Wyoming Children’s Society, you may visit their website or simply click here.

Steps in the process of Forgiveness

Recognize the need to forgive. According to Dr. Archibald Hart, “those who can’t forgive and harbor resentments are likely to be those who carry the greatest stress.” The alternative to forgiveness is revenge, which Dr. Lewis Smedes describes as “having a videotape planted in your soul that cannot be turned off. It plays the painful scene over and over again inside your mind. It hooks you into its instants replays. And teach time it replays. And each time it replays you feel the clap of pain again.

Acknowledge an inability to forgive. Most offenses are minor and can seem to be shrugged off fairly easily. But eventually a big one comes. It may simply be the accumulative “last straw.” You can’t let go of it until the other person suffers as you have. The problem is, they probably never will by your standards. So you’re trapped in a cage of your own making and can’t get out-until you acknowledge your need for help to be set free.

Ask God to give you a forgiving spirit. It sounds almost too simple. But many have found that promise to be a power tool of the soul. They asked God to give them a forgiving spirit and then expected Him to do it. For some it came quickly, for others it took years. But healing did come.

Yield the bitterness and desire for revenge to God. Say out loud or write in a journal something like this. “Father in heaven, the bitterness I’ve been holding on to has kept me in bondage long enough. Please take it away and help me to go on now to something better. Thank you.” As you do that, allow yourself to feel the emotional release that takes place as you let go.

Do well toward your offender. This is the final step in the healing process. It may take some time before you get there, but you know you’ve been set free when you can hope for the best for your offender and can do them good.  

Make Kindness A Habit

Make kindness a priority in your life. Commit yourself to act kindly and to speak kindly. Be guided by this reminder from British clergyman Ian Maclaren: “Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Avoid the two Ds of inaction. Don’t delay or deny an opportunity to be kind. Act kindly whenever possible as soon as possible.

Be kind to an enemy. Most of us can find ways to be kind to family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and even strangers. Perhaps the greatest test of our kindness is whether or not we can be kind to those who have hurt us by their words or deeds.

Turn you pain into another’s gain. The sad experiences in our lives should make us better, not bitter, people. Let your pain motivate you to treat others more compassionately.

Remember that someone needs your kindness today. It may be a child who needs a word of encouragement, a spouse who needs your praise, a stranger who needs the cheer of your smile, or a work colleague who needs you to listen and understand. The opportunities for daily kindness are as close as the air you breathe.

What is Intimacy

Intimacyis the end product of the time and effort given by a couple who want to remain in love with each other for a lifetime. When a couple attains true intimacy, their marriage will become the most meaningful and interesting relationshipon earth. The most passionate love novel couldn’t hold a candle to what this couple shares.

Intimacy progress through several stages. When you meet a person for the first time, you go from the stranger to acquaintance stage. From thee basic levels, you may progress to friendship or even close friendship. At this point, it’s possible to move into intimacy. But intimacy is not achieved overnight. It develops over a period of time as two people relate to each other in an atmosphere of caring and warmth. We can thus define an intimate relationship as one in which trust and honesty are evident in an atmosphere where both parties do not fear undue criticism of their thoughts, feelings, and worries.

Other expression that might describe an intimate relationship would include the following: caring, sharing, getting to know each other, a giving of oneself, satisfying the other person’s needs, telling the other person things you’ve never told anyone else before, openness. When you achieve this kind of nonsexual closeness with a partner, you have reached the highest level of intimacy.

Ten Ways to Say “I LOVE YOU”

Here are Ten great ways to say “I Love You.”

  1. Apply the three C’s. Seize every opportunity to compliment, commend, and congratulate your partner. Apply to your marriage the advice of St. Paul: “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – anything is excellent or praise worthy – think about such things” (Philippians 4:8). Think about your partner’s personality and actions. Identify those things that are “excellent or praise-worthy” and compliment your spouse for them. Lavish him with praise. Heap words of appreciation upon her. Never forget, a sincere compliment i a tremedious gift.
  2. Turn off the TV. Most couples are extremely busy. Both usually work outside the home and must juggle othe demands for their time, such as parenting, household management, and community organizations. This means they have very little discretionary time to spend together. Thus many couples use television as a time to relax. However, the TV can arrest a relationship.
  3. Have a fair division of labor. With more and more couples working outside the home it’s only fair and right that household responsibilities be shared equally. Resentment builds quickly when one partner feels the burden of doing most of the home management. Make sure there is a fair division of labor in your home.
  4. Show patience. The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not smashing it open,” wrote author Arnold Glasgow. You may not always understand your partner’s actions, nor can you always appreciate a partner’s attitude. During those times, extend the courtesy of patience. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt. No matter how close you may be to your partner, it isn’t always possible to be fully aware of the struggles with which he or she is wrestling. Remember that the Bible instructs us to a duty of sympathetic love and unselfish living.
  5. Be a genie-grant your partner three wishes. Most people are more comfortable giving rather than receiving. They find it hard to ask for special favors. An effective way to cut through that obstacle is to a genie-grant your partner his or her wishes.
  6. Think before you speak. “Raised voices lower esteem. Hot tempers cool friendship. Loose tongues stretch truth. Swelled heads shrink influence. Sharps words dull respect,”writes William Arthur Ward. Behind his observation is the reality that words are weapons. They can inspire or injure, hurt or heal. Do your best to spend your words as wisely as you spend your money. While it’s right to let your partner know how you feel, choose the words carefully. Think before you speak.
  7. Routinely send love signals. Small gesture often convey large meaning. Express your love through small acts of kindness, tenderness and gentleness.
  8. Lighten and brighten life with laughter. Laughter add richness, texture, and color to otherwise ordinary days. It is a gift, a choice, a discipline, and an art.
  9. Listen with your heart. When your partner is upset, allow free expression of feelings. Don’t refute his logic. Don’t explain how unreasonable she is. Don’t pick away at details. Just listen. The only appropriate comments are those that seek clarification and understanding. Later, when there has been time to process the information and when feelings are cooled, there will be a better time to respond. As a perceptive listener you show great respect by allowing your partner to share thoughts and feelings. 
  10. Be generous with forgiveness. Forgiveness allows that process to begin. “Forgiveness involves letting go of anger, restoring respect, and offering acceptance.” If you can find a way to offer the gift of forgiveness, you will have discovered one of the strongest circuit breakers of all, one that allows you to put down the burden you’re carrying. With you hands and heart free, you and your partner can begin building a new, more fulfilling relationship.



Wonderful Lesson

I want to share this story because of the wonderful lesson it brings to our daily life.

One day the father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country; he wanted to show his son how poor some people can be. They spent a couple days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family. As they were returning home, the father asked the boy, “How was the trip?”

 “It was great, Dad.”

 “Did you see how poor people can be?”

“Oh,  yeah.”  

“So what did you learn from the trip?”

The boy said, “I saw that we have one dog, and they have four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our yard, and they have a creek that ahs no end. At night we imported lanterns, and they have the stars.

“Our patio reaches to the front yard, and they have the whole horizon. We have a small piece of land to live on, and they have fields that go beyond our sight. We have servants who serve us, but they serve others.

“We buy our foods, but they grow theirs. We have walls around our property to protect us. They have friends to protect them. “

Then the boy added, Thanks, Dad, for showing me how poor we are!”

 Too many times we forget what we have and concentrate on what we don’t have. One person’s worthless object is another’s prized possession. It’s all based on one’s perspective. Makes you wonder what would happen if we all gave thanks to God for all the bounty He has provided instead of worrying about wanting more.