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Shadow of your Abilities

Life of the students faces a series of problems as they go through with their studies. One that tops most is their grades.

Nowadays, that school grades become the major anxiety among students and too much concern of it, ignite fierce competition. Most of the so-called brilliant students are caught up on a competitive maze that emphasized grades and class rank rather than learning. As a result, students learn early in school to ask what is going to be on the test and study only that material. Thus, fierce competition for academic accolades becomes futile.

Education, in its truest sense, is more than racking up points on tests. It is developing the skill of taking raw information and drawing sound, practical conclusion from it. So how can you achieve good grades that will truly reflect your abilities?

One thing is to take responsibility in your studies. Do not tend to blame your poor performances on sources beyond your control like unfair test questions, prejudiced instructor, bad luck or the weather. Actually, there is no such thing like these, instead, laziness often be the real reason for low grades. Good student, however, take responsibility for their learning, their secrets? It’s start from personal motivation. This keeps them moving. They put themselves on a reachable schedules and systematic organization of study routine. How hard they are willing to study and apply themselves in school.

You attitude and environment also counts in obtaining good grades. Concentrate and avoid distractions. To do this effectively, institute a get-tough policy with yourself. You can start doing this by clicking off or setting aside your Television remote control and other things that would divert your focus. A quite place also benefits you to have a peaceful study. If possible, use a desk with plenty of space on which to spread out your work. Keep supplies such as pencils and paper handy so you won’t to get up constantly. Make sure too, that you have an adequate, glare-free lighting. Good lighting reduces study fatigue and protects your eyes as well. A cool room provides a more invigorating study environment than a warm room does.

But how about if there will be an examination next week? Do not panic. First try to discern from your teacher’s comments what kind of test it will be, such as an essay test or multiple choices. Also, listen to the clues as to what will appear in the test. Lastly, review your notes and try to get a good night sleep.

If you think you’ve already done these and still you flunk on the exam, do not be disappointed. The humiliation of failing a test may well worst if it spurs you on to learn from your mistakes and improve. Remember that your grades are not the final judgment on your worth as a person. Nevertheless, take advantage of the time you are in school and learn as much as you can. Usually, that effort will be reflected in grades that will make you feel happy and contented.

Regaining Desired Figure

Getting rid of excessive fats is probably one thing that every woman desires to carry on. Slim and those who already have attained their desired weight and figure probably would keep what they already attained by going to gym, do regular exercise, keep their diet and probably take diet or slimming pills sometimes. Obesity on the other hand has become one of society’s health problems. It is of this reason why more and more people; men and women alike take dietary pills.

Diet pills pops up in any pharmacy and on any store like mushrooms. Even the social networking sites have been filled with resellers of both known and unknown or unproven diet and slimming pills. My husband is skeptic about these unknown China made pills and has warned me of those products as I am almost giving in to them. Some of them claim that their products are effective. Other than that, they are very affordable, way affordable than the proven and tested known brands.

My partner understood that I really dreamed of regaining the weight and figure that I once had five years ago. So he personally look for the best known diet supplements for me and he led me to A figure regaining site. I was so impress as the website is filled with facts about the product. This way we know how the product works. This way we know the pros and cons with taking diet pills.

Regaining desired figure body is an indication that you love yourself. However, in doing so it is important that you are cautious about what you take. Take only approved and proven dietary supplements.

Summer Job

A smorgasbord of activities awaits the young at summertime. For example, some students associate summer with fun and relaxation – whooping it in beaches, resorts, or other places; others spend such time earning extra cash by working in fastfood outlets and restaurants, gasoline stations, and other business establishments.

A good number of students take up summer job these days, you hear them greet you a hearty “Good morning, sir” or “Good morning, ma’am,” as you walk into a fastfood outlet. Clad in their respective fastfood outfit, they look prim and smart as they serve your food complete with spontaneous smile. “Enjoy your meal, sir! (ma’am), “they quip, and perhaps, you must have felt their gentle manner rub off on you.

This scenario plays itself before us as we visit malls or other places where a fastfood outlet is located. Some of these student workers are in high school; others – and perhaps the majority – are in college. There are even small boys and girls who try their hands at doing “serve with a smile”. A number, no doubt, work part-time during regular semesters. These student workers bide their time between study and work to help defray their school expenses and earn extra cash for daily needs.

We laud their spirit and attitude toward work. We uphold and promote the dignity of labor, because the values we learn from it are enumerable and immeasurable: courtesy, politeness, respect, thrift, honesty, you name it. Cognizant of this fact, a number of big business establishments sponsor programs directed especially to students who endeavor to earn while they learn. Institutions of learning offer the work-study program, and many students, past and present, have availed themselves of this extraordinary educational program. There’s no better time to train the hands to do productive work than when one is young.

Next time you leave any fastfood outlet and heat these student workers call out a spirited “Thanks you for coming, sir(ma’am),” try to return their smile and thank them for making work an important part of their life. They, too, need appreciation, you know. 

Wishing for a Baby Boy

Last year my sister- in-law has been urging my brother to come home for at least two months vacation. My brother has been working in Riyadh for 7 years now. When he left for work overseas my niece; their only child was about to turn 3 years old. The reason why she urges for my brother’s homecoming is for her to be impregnated. They really desired to have another child and they’re aiming for a baby boy.

The Almighty had never failed them for before my brother flew back to Riyadh her wife was already pregnant. Not just quite sure thought if it’s going to be a boy or a girl again. Her being able to monitor how healthy my son have developed, she kept on asking me what prenatal vitamins I’d been taking when I was pregnant with my precious Zach. I took several prenatal vitamins then so off I scan Zach’s baby book to run through my checklist again.

We’re so glad with her pregnancy and we’re as hopeful that it’s going to be a boy.

Nurture your Child

What your child will be tomorrow depends on how he is nurtured and cherished today. The quality of his training and the pattern of values inculcated in him will reveal the kind of person he will be.

Will he be a cheerful and pleasant person? Will he be an asset or a liability in society? These are significant questions parents should consider in the training and development of their children.

I have heard some parents say: “Never mind he is still a child”. When some responsible adults meaningfully urge that a child be reprimanded for some mischief, the child’s doting mother would beg: “Be patient with him. He is still a baby”.

This is more often than not tragic because the child is growing without the parents realizing that he is developing into manhood. And because he has been treated like a child all along, even in his maturing years, he behaves like a child. This is one reason we have a lot of childish people around us.

Preparing the child for school is one of the important matters parents should be carefully aware of, for it is in school where most of his waking hours will be spent. They should never consider burdensome the time that they need to spend with the child to teach him values that will help him develop love, patience and obedience. Their home training should teach lessons that will inspire cheerful disposition and encourage resourcefulness and independence. These positive values are the most important wealth parents can bequeath to their children.

There are some parents who leave the home training of their child to the so-called tutor. They have no time for the child, and if they have, the moments that they spend with him usually and in trouble – the mother scolding and berating the child for being very slow in learning and the child feeling guilty and losing confidence in himself.   

Parents should direct their child training efforts to the development of self-respect in the child, particularly in his early childhood. How the child feels about himself influences not only his choice but also his decisions. How he will grope in or cope with the world around him will be reflected in his concept of himself. The standard and ideals that parents awaken in their children by way of their example determine, to a large extent, not only their future lifestyle but also how they will face the challenges that come their way.

As parents, we should take stock of our ways of dealing with our growing children. We should reexamine the direction to which we are leading them. What kind of future are we preparing them for? What preparation are we giving them for their future?

Teaching Children Success

In a world where tomorrow’s discovery makes yesterday’s breakthrough obsolete, parents cannot help wondering as they watch their children careening into the future.  

If society maintains its present rate of change, what will their children’s world be like twenty years from now? As traditional values continue to break down, what rules will guide their children as they face challenges yet undreamed of? And as they stand on the threshold of an uncertain future, what should parents do to help them prepare?

Parents should accept as natural their concern about the future of their offspring. It is doubtless prompted by a fervent hope that today’s children develop into tomorrow’s happy and successful adults. But parents can do more than just wonder. They can teach their children a simple goal-setting process that shows them how to achieve success and how to reap the many bonuses that accompany success.

The ability to set and attain realistic goals has far-reaching implications. Because success is the ultimate confidence-builder, the child who establishes goals and works to achieve them reaps the invaluable benefit of greater self-esteem. Each successive achievement generates the momentum to set and attain newer and more challenging goals.

The process is gloriously self-reinforcing. Each success brings a wealth of positive reactions from others, and each compliment or pat on the back contributes to a child’s belief in himself. The end product is a child who grows more confident and secure with each new achievement. And a secure, confident child is far better equipped to deal with the occasional disappointments and losses that are an inevitable part of life.

Goal-setting can be taught to elementary school children and refined to meet their changing needs as they move on to high school. Considering a child’s developmental timetable, 8 years of age is an ideal time for parents to introduce the goal-setting process. The typical 8-year-old is beginning to grasp the concept of cause and effect, and will be capable of understanding that certain desired actions may lead to certain desired ends. In addition to being intellectually ready, the 8-year-old’s differentiation between fantasy and reality has become more firmly established. This enables the child to choose goals that are more realistic and attainable than those a younger child might select.  

Choose Happiness II

Choose to practice being happy. Remind yourself that your are a  happy person. Identify yourself to others as being a happy individual. Smile often. Greet friends with warmth and strangers with kindness. Practice giving thanks  daily and even hourly for the many happinesses that are yours, such as the gift of being alive, watching the sun rise, living in a comfortable dwelling place, completing a demanding project, enjoying the love of family and friends, having  a work that provides you with financial resources, and so forth. Remember that happiness is not the attainment of what you want but the realization of how much you already have.

Choose to make someone else happy. “The joy that you give to others is the joy that come back to you,” wrote  poet John Greenleaf Whittier. Behind that statement is this simple but profound truth. Our happiness is magnified when we got out of our way to make someone else happy.

Choose to examine your expectations. “Many people are chronically unhappy because their expectations are unrealistic,” says Dr. Bobbi Sommer, author of Psycho-Cybernetics 2000. Don’t delude yourself that youcan ward off unhappiness in all situations all the time. There’s no such thing as permanent, uninterrupted happiness. The important thing is to learn to accept setbacks without thinking of them as permanent conditions.”

Playing Guitar

My in-laws were very much into music. My husband once relates that his mom had bought them 4 guitars and hang it at the living room for them to learn to play the guitar at there own will anytime they want. But none of them found the interest in playing the instrument maybe because mom and dad did not hire a private tutor to teach them how to play it. The case was that, should they desire to play it, they have to look for a friend to teach them how to play guitar. Nevertheless, though none of them became instrumentalist, all of them turned out to be musicians. They all can sing. They developed good voices and they are into choir and a cappella groups.

As parents one of our duties is to train and to expose our children to activities that would develop their personality. We should be looking for one that would help our children boost self-confidence such as getting them to music class and get them to develop some talents. Parent should be guiding their children to a successful life. Some of our kids may have not discovered yet their talents and so parent may have to make the first move of getting them to learn things such as bringing them to music schools and get them to play instruments such as the guitar.

The guitar might be one of the most challenging instruments that our children may learn to play. Parent may look for guitar lessons for kids that are simply good and affordable. As our kids develops their talents in music they also develops their intellects as it has been proven by numerous studies that children who are into music have good reasoning ability and are most likely to excel in academics. Since music is the language of the soul as they say, then kids who plays good music plays a melodious souls. So get kids to music now and start it with a guitar.

Wonderful Lesson

I want to share this story because of the wonderful lesson it brings to our daily life.

One day the father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country; he wanted to show his son how poor some people can be. They spent a couple days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family. As they were returning home, the father asked the boy, “How was the trip?”

 “It was great, Dad.”

 “Did you see how poor people can be?”

“Oh,  yeah.”  

“So what did you learn from the trip?”

The boy said, “I saw that we have one dog, and they have four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our yard, and they have a creek that ahs no end. At night we imported lanterns, and they have the stars.

“Our patio reaches to the front yard, and they have the whole horizon. We have a small piece of land to live on, and they have fields that go beyond our sight. We have servants who serve us, but they serve others.

“We buy our foods, but they grow theirs. We have walls around our property to protect us. They have friends to protect them. “

Then the boy added, Thanks, Dad, for showing me how poor we are!”

 Too many times we forget what we have and concentrate on what we don’t have. One person’s worthless object is another’s prized possession. It’s all based on one’s perspective. Makes you wonder what would happen if we all gave thanks to God for all the bounty He has provided instead of worrying about wanting more.   

When Baby Turns Ten Months

On the tenth month infants or babies starts to understand some simple word and phrases, so it is very important that we, mothers should keep on talking to our babies. Mother should have patterns in teaching babies to imitate words like repeating words constantly. While baby talk is so cute to listen to, we should also keep in mind that this is the point where our babies learn the right way to talk. So if possible talk and pronounce words correctly so for our babies to learn things the right way. The pronunciation should be correct and conversation can be encouraging your baby to develop his language skills.  At this age baby can stand without a support by holding the hard object, possibility letting go and stand without the support. Baby can take step when held in a walking position.
My little baby boy is now on his tenth month. Day by day he slows his improvements especially with his communication skills. He can stand alone, every now and then he masters his balance. Every time he get near to a stable support, he holds, stand and let go, then stand for a minute or two. He also focuses on watching his favorite educational video. We let him watch Barney. He loves to crab on books and things that attract him. He also imitates actions. My baby surprises me every now and then with his development and I can’t wait what he has for me when he gets 11 months.