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Teaching Kids to Socialize

Mothers should have the sense of feeling that their children also needs to socialize even if they are at their young age. We should make our children aware of their surroundings, so that as early as now their young minds could understand sense of belongingness, that they need a companion such as a best friend. But mothers should be careful in guiding them specially in choosing their company. Know that our children becomes what their friends are. Guiding the little one is one of the mother’s responsibilities that God wants to impose.     
playing with my girlfriend

playing with my girlfriend

Our neighborhood baby, sometimes visit our home and they use to play with my little son. My attention is always there to guide them to make sure that nobody get hurts while they are playing. In their little mind they need much attention. While they are playing they may misunderstand each other and will end up in a quarrel. And as a mother our role is to be the middle not taking sides, sorting their issues, and teaching them love.  Remember guiding is one most important role of the mother.     

Playing With Bubbles

My baby has just turn nine months and I am glad to say that my baby’s development is in accord with what the expert were saying. At this age babies stands and moves around by his own with the support of stable holds that he grabs on and can bend his knees. My little son learn to take few steps. He slowly sets down from standing. Every time I cuddle him and stands in front of our main door he tries to hold the door nub and in return I bring him near so he can touch and grab the door nub. We also had observed that he cries every time I repel something from his hand especially fruits or foods that he enjoys. If he wants something and seems that nobody notices him, he also cries.

enjoyed playing the bubbles

enjoyed playing the bubbles

 One thing really amazes me, every time I wash our clothes in the washing machine he turns uneasy not because he is scared with the buzzing sound but simply because he wanted to get near the tub to watch the bubbles twirling. He cries if we put him on his crib. He gets so delighted when we allowed him to touch the bubbles. He enjoys playing with them and we just love watching him wearing those big smiles.

wow... nice feeling playing the bubbles...

wow... nice feeling playing the bubbles...

Instant Model

One morning, when my husband came home from work, his face was happy and excited. That day was the day when their training with windows 7 ends and the launching as well. As a token they were given a fresh copy of the new Operating System and when he got his kit of genuine windows 7, he was so delighted. He has the biggest smile when he showed the item to me and when he relates to me the joy they had upon hearing the announcement and upon getting a hold of their own copy.  After that he got busy taking picture the item as he planned to post them on his blog site as well. The sweetest thing was that he had got an instant model; our handsome and adorable son.   

pose to be like real model

pose to be like real model

showing the item

showing the item

just picking-up the item

just picking-up the item

well... i've done my job

well... i've done my job


Potty Training

It is of high importance that we train our child in their little ways, especially in scheduling their waste disposal activities like peeing. They have to learn early in their age. To make them discipline in a proper way of disposing body waste. Mothers must have a good feel in sensing their child’s needs of waste disposal especially because at their age they can’t be vocal about their needs. Mothers should be attentive to their little one at this time, so we can bring them to the right place to yield to their needs.

My baby boy is just eight months old and as early as this age we are teaching him to dispose his waste only on his potty.  At first I have had a hard time because I have to observe him to figure out the time he usually poo. But I notice that he poo every after meal or after he woke up from sleep. So, what I did was when he makes a sound and gesture like on the verge of “know what I mean” …. When he holds his breath and his face turn red, I without delay pull out his diaper and bring him into the potty.   Shortly we were able to schedule his waste disposal.


Sometimes we have to be patient in taking care of our little ones especially during their schedule of bedtime. We may have to come up with some activities in bed to make them comfortable before going to sleep. Mothers should of course give quality attention in putting them to bed at their regular bedtime schedule so that our little ones body clock will be programmed in going bed early.

My little boy has his regular time in going to bed. His body clock has been programmed to sleep early. If I can’t manage to get him early to bed he became irritable and keeps on crying, until we get him to sleep. This is because his body learns to sleep early. A lot of mother says that babies sleeping time changes from time to time. I guess that is one thing I am not convinced of because it never happens to my baby. I guess it’s just a matter of discipline.  

Mistaken Kindness

Children should be taught to be useful, to help themselves, and to help others. Many daughters of this age can see their mothers toiling, cooking, washing, or ironing, while they sit in the parlor and read stories, crochet, or embroider. Their hearts are as unfeeling as a stone.

Where does this wrong originate? Who are the ones usually most to blame in this matter? The poor, deceived parents. They overlook the future good of their children and, in their mistaken fondness, let them sit in idleness or do that which is of but little account, which requires no exercise of the mind or muscles, and then excuse their indolent daughters because they are weakly. A proper amount of exercise about the house would improve both mind and body.

If your children have been unaccustomed to labor, they will soon become weary. They will complain of side ache, pain in the shoulders, and tired limbs. You will be in danger of doing the work yourselves rather than have them suffer a little. Let the burden upon the children be very light at first, and then increase it a little every day, until they can do a proper amount of labor without becoming so weary.

Children Need to Learn

Mothers should take their daughters with them into the kitchen and patiently educate them. Their constitution will be better for such labor, their muscles will gain tone and strength, and their meditations will be more healthy and elevated at the close of the day. They may be weary, but how sweet is rest after a proper amount of labor! Sleep, nature’s sweet restorer, invigorates the weary body and prepares it for the next day’s duties. Do not intimate to your children that it is no matter whether they labor or not. Teach them that their help is needed, that their time is of value, and that you depend on their labor.

It is a sin to let children grow up in idleness. Let them exercise their limbs and muscles, even if it wearies them. If they are not overworked, how can weariness harm them more than it harms you? There is quite a difference between weariness and exhaustion. Children need more frquent change of employment and intervals of rest than grown persons do. But even when quite young, they may learning to work, and they will be happy in the thought that they are making themselves useful.


Mother’s Instruction

Cooking is a branch of education which has the most direct influence upon human life. Young women think that it is menial to cook and do other kinds of housework. For this reason, many girl who marry and have the care of families have little idea of the duties devolving upon a wife and mother. 

Teach your children on how to cook. In giving your children in physiology, and teaching them how to cook with simplicity and yet with skill, you are laying the foundation for the most useful branches of education.

Mother should take their daughters into the kitchen with them when very young, and teach them the art of cooking. She should instruct them patiently, lovingly, and make the work as agreeable as she can by her cheerful countenance and encouraging words of approval.


Importance of the Mother’s Role

The importance of the mother’s role should be recognized. One of those roles is as gatekeeper for food purchases and food-related activities.

 Here are some tips that may help:

  • Establish rules and guidelines for shopping. Children need to know ahead of time what is expected of them. Let them know what you consider acceptable behavior while shopping.
  • Shop from a list. Shopping from a list makes it easier to say no to spur-of-the-moment requests. Prepare the list ahead of time by taking an invetory of the food you have on hand and by anticipating the items you will need for the next meals.
  • Involve the children in planning the meals. This will help teach them about good food choices.
  • Do not shop when you or the children are hungry. You are much more likely to buy items you don’t really want or need if you are hungry, and to purchase more costly, quick, convenience items.
  • Do not reward or punish behavior with food. Using food as a reward or punishment can teach children to depend on food later in life when they need emotional support. 
  • Be consistent. If the response to a child’s behavior is different every time, the child will not know what to expect. Be consistent in your responses to the behavior
  • Make mealtime a happy time. In today’s world, families are often so busy they don’t have time to talk to each other.Don’t let the busyness of life steal the opportunity to make mealtime a special time. Regaularly set aside certain meals that are your family’s special time to be together.

Training the First Child

Parents must learn the lesson of implicit obedience to God’s voice, which speaks to them out of His Word. As they learn this lesson, they can teach their children respect and obedience in word and action. This is the work that should be carried on in home. Those who do it will reach upward themselves, realizing that they must elevate their children.

baby trained to attend church every saturday

baby trained to attend church every saturday

The first child especially should be trained with great care, for he will educate the rest. Children grow according to the influence of those who surround them. If they are handled by those who are noisy and boisterous, they become noisy and almost unbearable. The gradual development of the plant from the seed is an object lesson in child training.