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88 Keys Digital Piano

My father has not invested much in developing our musical talents. Probably that is because they do not have enough money to invest in our talent development then. Our youngest sibling somewhat has gained support in developing his talent in music. Dad also supported the talent development of my nieces and nephews.

Yamaha DGX 640 88 Key Digital Piano

My niece is quite lucky for she got support from dad. He paid for her music education, piano, violin, flute, and more. She probably knows how to play 5 musical instruments. My niece’s keyboard is now starting to show some defects, and she is asking dad this time for a piano. Well, even before her keyboard had started to show defects, dad already had plans of buying a Yamaha dgx640c for everybody’s use.

At first he actually thought of buying a standard or grand piano but was worried about the limited space at home. Also grand pianos are very heavy and not easy to move around. So he decided to get an 88 key digital piano.  I am just so glad because very soon my son will attend a piano lesson and so we just have figured out a place where he can do his practice.

Music Lesson

Our good friend Sheldon has moved to Louisiana 6 months ago. He thought that learning music at his age is a little too late but we encouraged him to try. We’d say he is a quick learner as he was able to learn the basics on several musical instruments.

He called up days ago telling us that he missed the studio where he use to practice after music lesson and that he is actually looking for music school in Louisiana so he can continue his studies. We suggested that he take the music lessons in Shreveport at guitar center and he was so excited to visit the place to learn more of the courses they are offering.

Safer Music Stand

My son Zachy love music. I guess music could really run in the blood. His dad, uncle, aunt, his dad’s cousins are really into music they play musical instruments and they have angelic voices, sure they can sing well.

My son loves the keyboard or piano but we thought we would have him learn the violin first. We’ve got music stands in the studio but we would like to get a unique one only for our children’s use. We seen this wooden music stands at Musicians Friend, to us this one is just perfect since the color is almost similar to wooden instruments.

Another thing is that we feel that wooden music stand is safer. Kids are extra active sometimes and in case it falls to our kids it could not hurt them that bad.

Studio Headphone

At the studio we have around 6 headphones; each has different top of the line brands and of course with great sound quality. This did not happen just once but I guess four times now that an individual from the groups or bands that has rented and utilized our facilities suggested that we keep same brand and model of headphones.

Accordingly, all the headphones we have produce great sounds; however each most likely differs a bit because of their different components. To address the issue we decided to replace our studio headphones and keep just one brand and model among our existing headphones. We check for the current price of each headphone we have and discovered that we can save on Sony headphones at guitar center. Isn’t that good news that we can avail of an equally top of the line brand, equally great quality yet with much favorable price.

Another good thing is that the seller ships to our country and placing order is as easy as ABC. We are excited place orders but at the mean time we are saving money to get more that what we need.

Restored Joyful Sound

Two or three weeks ago we’ve got opportunity to visit my husband’s alma mater, which I also have mentioned in my post last week. It was a joyous day as we were able to visit his old dormitory and was reunited with his landlord’s children who are also his friends. On that dormitory his once roommate and good friend Xerxis intentionally left (donated) his electric guitar for the lodgers to love and  music and learn the instrument.

Upon our visit we saw the guitar hanging on the wall and we were told that it has been there hanging to quite a while since it has been damaged. Few strings were missing, the sensors were busted and the distortion pedal is no longer working. None of the lodgers care to replace the damaged parts or cared to fix it.

My husband loves that guitar since that’s where he learned how to play the instrument. We offered to fix the instrument. We replaced the strings as well as bought a set of lace sensor. We went home the next day. Little did we know that we awakened the interest of the new young lodgers to learn and enjoy Xerxis’ treasure. Yesterday, Jerry called us over the phone to inform that the guitar is at its best once again since the lodgers shelled out some cash to purchase a new Wampler Sovereign Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal. Their joy was so evident for while Jerry was talking to us in the phone the borders in the background were happily singing and playing the guitar. For my husband it was a restored joyful sound.

Great Looks Every Time

Being beautiful, fashionable, pretty and the like adjective is what every woman dreamed to be. Hair plays a big role in one’s personal appearance. With women, if only it is possible to have different hairstyle everyday or every time, we would definitely do. The thing is we grow our hair patiently, care for it so preciously, and we normally miss our hair every time we cut it short. There are days when we feel like having short hairs, days when we feel like having it long, and all. Wearing a wig is the best way to give in to our desire to look good and look different every time.  I have checked a wig store online and if you’d like to look good you can buy wigs here. By the looks and brands I could say that their wigs are of great quality.

I have talked to my husband about buying wigs and told him about my desire to look different sometimes and the idea excited him. If our budget permits I could have two or three wigs in a year. I would not worry about hair cuts anymore and I am pretty sure that with my wigs I could have the great looks every time.

Right Hand

Has anybody ever described you as dexterous, adroit, or skilled with your hands? I watch and listen in utter amazement as the flying fingers of a really skilled concert pianist blur while producing the wonderful music of Rachmaninoff’s third piano concerto or one of the Trancenden tal Etudes by Liszt. What about the dexterity of a gifted neurosurgeon? Their skillful finger work isn’t generally on public display, but what they can do with their gifted hands is pretty amazing. My personal favorite is watching a really skillful artist sketch a quick portrait or a detailed picture of a 3-D object on a 2-D piece of paper. Though the word “dexterous” is defined as “skilled” or “adroit;” the root word dexter is the Latin word for “right” (in contrast to left). Why is my right hand more dexterous than my left hand, a trait that I share with nine out of 10 people in any given population? Why are only 3 percent of the population ambidexterous, meaning that they can write or throw easily and well with both hands? They have more symmetry to their body in terms of hand skills. So 97 percent of the population shows marked asymmetry in hand skills.

Scientific studies show that keyboard artists who start practicing young have less asymmetry in their hand skill because their left hand received more training while they were young. In general, they still have a more skillful right hand than their left hand. In one grip test study 90 percent of right -handed people had a stronger right hand, while only 10 percent had a stronger left hand. In contrast, 33 percent of left-handed people had a stronger right hand. What about lefties or southpaws? Some studies show that a greater proportion of them are high achievers. Four of the past seven United States presidents have been left handed.

I find it interesting that Bible writers focus on the right hand when they are giving assurance of strength or safety or a more important position. Sitting on the right hand of God often appears in such statements as “In your majesty ride forth victoriously in the cause of truth, humility and justice; let your right hand achieve awesome deeds” (Ps. 45:4, NIV). Right hand or left hand, it doesn’t really matter as long as we are in God’s hands, for “My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand” (John 10:29, NIV)..

“Dexterous Lord, hold me in Your strong right hand. Never let me go.”

Drums for Kids

Nothing makes a parent happier than seeing their children interested in developing different talents. At the studio we often get parent asking if we teach music since their children seem interested to learn.

There was an instance where a group of children came to the studio to practice with the musical instruments and their songs to be rendered on an upcoming party. It was a real joy for me to see these youngsters loving music. Some of them were really having difficulty using full or standard size instruments. This instance made me thought of collecting mid size or junior size musical instruments for the kid’s use. I went on and check my favorite musical instrument store and found this exceptional kids drum at Musicians Friend. This is so perfect for the little ones who were having difficulty reaching the cymbals and drums on standard full size drum sets. I am looking forward to collecting more junior size instruments.

Talking to an Idiot

Writing devotional thoughts focused on the creatures, systems, and processes that God has made is a daunting and scary task. Because God’s creations have endless variety, there is just so much to learn. The wealth and beauty of creative genius and the seemingly unfathomable complexity attracts, fascinates, awes, and teaches us much about the Creator. But even though we may know or think we know much about a topic, compared to what there is to know our knowledge is extremely limited. Late in life the renown philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, and physicist Sir Isaac Newton put it this way: “I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”

Biology is a difficult and constantly changing discipline. Biologists are doing their best to understand life – that most amazing and complex organization of stuff known to humanity. Half of the concepts that we may have studied and learned may be fairly accurate and correct understandings and half will be erroneous misconceptions. The only problem is that we simply don’t know which is which.

That reality shouldn’t keep us from learning all we can about everything that we can. However, we must hold our understandings gently and constantly maintain a teachable spirit. We may find that, as we visit with my friends, the more they actually know, the more humility they exhibit. A preacher humorously emphasized this concept as he declared, “When I tell myself that I understand what is going on, I need to remember to follow with, ‘Self, you are talking to an idiot!” Such reality-based humility is too often in short supply. One of the most influential early Christians, Augustine, bishop of Hippo Regius, said it this way: “Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.”

“Lord of the wise and the foolish, there are many things too amazing for us to understand. May it keep us humble and point us to You.”

Gift to Old Friends

I know that my brother has joined the drum and bugle corps back in college and I know that he plays the trumpet. My dad bought him a new saxophone after his graduation since he is really into wind instruments and that dad wanted him to be really good at his passion.

Getzen 800 Eterna Series

Suddenly I thought my brother is collecting all wind instruments that he thought he could play because just recently he asked me to check several musical instrument stores around the city for Cornets. The thing is hard to find because here in our place not so many people are fascinated to wind instruments. I told him I found one but not brand new and that the condition is not quite. I offered to look it up for him online since my husband has been into buying musical accessories online for the music studio.  I informed him that I believe I found few great Cornets at WWBW. He told me that the instrument is actually not for him but will be his wonderful gift to old friends at the drum and bugle corps. He then checked for the price and said that it’s just right for the money.