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Vehicle Storage Solution

Growing a business in such a limited space or area is quite tough. A little lot area within or near the city is too expensive. My friend has started his car services center 3 years ago within the city and he had a very limited area. His business has become known for its excellent services. In a little time his business has drawn a lot of customers; so much that his little place could no longer handle. Neighboring business has complained because some of customer’s vehicles for repair are parked affront their business premises. His biggest problem was the parking space for vehicles.

I told him about how my sister-in-law and her husband managed their garage. They have three vehicles but their garage space can only accommodate one vehicle. Her husband purchased a car storage lift and so now all their vehicles are parked safe inside their garage at night.

I took my friend here in this webpage for him to have the idea. My friend was amazed that he immediately looked for the contact information and took note of the website so he can get back to it and contact the manufacturer when they are ready to avail of these products. He said that this is simply the best solution to their storage problem.

Percussion for Kids

Investing in talent is a thing that I and my husband would not miss for our children. That is just one thing that I did not get support from my parents. When I was a child I love to learn the piano so bad or any musical instrument I can have my hands on but my parent does not have enough to support us and tend to be so negative at times, probably simply because there’s just no money that can be use to invest in our talent.

When our son was a year and months old we noticed his interest in musical instruments. Every after church service he would ran to the piano to touch the keys, and every time we pass through musical instruments he would cry if he could not put his hands on to different percussion. This is also one of the reasons why we come up with a musical studio.

Bongo Drums for Kids

The drums at our music studio are just too big for our little boy so we thought of buying him his own sets of musical instruments; one that would fit his size, something he may consider his personal toys. We found this excellent bongo drums for kids and thought that this would be perfect for him and will be a great addition to the miniature piano that we got for him few months back. Our little man is 5 years old now and so when we showed him this musical instrument and asked him if he likes it he began asking us every day when will those bongo drums comes home.

Customized Couch Cushions

When dad and mom told us of their plan to replace some living room furniture we became so happy because their old yet still very good seat sets will be given to us. Not bad they could be additional seats in our music studio.

So when their new furniture arrived we also loaded the old furniture to the truck and brought them to the music studio. What a delight, we thought these seats would fit perfectly in our studio. We then realized the odds in having a place that is not equally proportioned. Not that the furniture did not fit but that there are awkward spaces that is not covered.

We ended up loading the seats back to the truck and brought it home. We thought of having customized couch cushions that would perfectly fit the little space where we intend them to be.

Drawer Slides

We were used to purchasing ready-made or ready to use furniture, cabinets, and locker. Everybody love convenience; want everything that can be used in an instance. So since we hate to wait days or a month for custom-made furniture we always resort to buying cool looking and greatly designed furniture. But we hate the off-sides of it. Well, I believe all off-sides are unpleasant.

The thing that I hate about many of these ready to use furniture displayed and sold at many furniture display center or shops is that they are substandard made. The wood brittle after a year and the drawers are easily dislodged if not hard to close.  After four damaged and almost useless furniture we finally have decided to rather hire a skilled furniture maker to build the furniture for us using the hardwood that we have grown in our farm. We make sure that we use the best material that we could find to have lasting and very useful furniture. For the drawer we only use the most durable self closing or soft close drawer slides.

Three more cabinets on the way; we got the first product and sure it’s just so good. These soft close slides we have are just perfect for our drawers.

Safer Music Stand

My son Zachy love music. I guess music could really run in the blood. His dad, uncle, aunt, his dad’s cousins are really into music they play musical instruments and they have angelic voices, sure they can sing well.

My son loves the keyboard or piano but we thought we would have him learn the violin first. We’ve got music stands in the studio but we would like to get a unique one only for our children’s use. We seen this wooden music stands at Musicians Friend, to us this one is just perfect since the color is almost similar to wooden instruments.

Another thing is that we feel that wooden music stand is safer. Kids are extra active sometimes and in case it falls to our kids it could not hurt them that bad.

Secured Pets

Have you ever lost a beloved pet? Such has always happened to us at home back then. But that has not reoccurred since we have petsafe dog fence. Back then we have our house and the entire property fenced for our security and for our dogs not to be astray. However, there are instances wherein our pet dogs find ways to go beyond their boundaries, especially during mating season and sometimes unable to get back home because they get captured by dog catchers.

My husband’s brother-in-law had brought us a set of petsafe dog fence and an extra collar for our dogs during their visit. He instructed us how to use it and we installed it. Now we no longer have high fences and yet we no longer lost our dogs. The electric shock they fell on their neck taught them not to go beyond their boundaries that even if we turn off the device sometimes they no longer attempt to go the distance.

Drain Away

Buying a house is exciting it as it us a very good investment. However owning a ready-made house in subdivisions could be frustrating sometime. Frustration comes when after few months stay you discover the flaws of the property you have bought. This had happened to us twice. In both case it was always the septic tank and the drainage. The septic tank is too shallow. The drainage is deep but clogged. In both case we have to contact people to empty the septic tank and the drainage. To resolve we created another septic tank.

The drainage has always been the problem; the depth is alright but the passage to the waterways and canals always get clogged. Pumping services is always expensive. Luckily we have accidentally bumped into WeGotPumps industrial pumps and realized that getting our very own submersible pump could be the ultimate solution to our problem.

Environment Safe

Tomorrow we will finally be leaving our rented apartment to move to our new house. Everything has been packed and we are now excited and at the same time anxious for the move. Anxious because the day ahead is uncertain and especially that my hubby is still about to start a new job.

Our hearts has been prepared though and are ready to face whatever comes our way. The only thing that is not ready I guess are the cleaning supplies that we ought to stock in our new house. This time our kids can now freely play outside the house and within our vicinity. With that in mind I am expecting that at anytime our kids could be dragging some dirt inside the house. I have promised my husband that I will keep the house clean.

I believe I’ve found online the cleaning supplies that I needed to stock in our house. My husband will truly be happy with them since they are environment safe.

Adorable Play Mats

In the next thee day we will finally be moving to our new house. I am excited however also anxious since about our future in this new place. It’s like we are starting from scratch in this new house. As we move next day we will only bring with us our cloths and few things necessary for us to live each day. Yes, the house is still bare; we will still have to buy a lot of things to fill the house, and I am pretty sure we could not buy them all at once.

Another thing that concerns me is the place within our house for our children to play. We’ve got an extra room and it’s quite an ideal place for them to play. The thing is that the floor is a cold finished concrete. We thought of installing carpet tiles but I don’t think we have the money for that at this time. We’ve got these mats, however I see that they are not enough to cover the place. It’s a good thing that I found these adorable play mats at; these mats are the perfect fit for our children’s play room and I should be able to have them delivered at home very soon.

Surely our son and daughter will be delighted with those mats as they would see numbers and letters on them.

Miniature Collectibles

I remember I’ve wrote about these wonderful miniatures last December 2012. I and my family were having great time strolling in one of the major shopping mall. In a tropical country such as ours we do not have winter and so seeing snow or the likeness of it is really pleasing to the eyes.

strawberry cottage

It was December and so its winter in four season countries but not here. The mall management has come up with an exhibit at the exhibit hall with its theme “White Christmas.” Multitude of people gathered around to witness how the artists set them up and was amazed by its beauty when it was done. I myself was there and somehow it seems that I was in a trance. I felt like as if it was true, I felt the magic of white Christmas.

Where in the world could these event organizers have purchased these wonderful collections of miniature stuffs? It’s just recently that I’ve learned that what I have seen were department56 collectibles. What they did was a great way of doing ads. I love them and I thought of starting a collection for future plans.