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Environment Safe

Tomorrow we will finally be leaving our rented apartment to move to our new house. Everything has been packed and we are now excited and at the same time anxious for the move. Anxious because the day ahead is uncertain and especially that my hubby is still about to start a new job.

Our hearts has been prepared though and are ready to face whatever comes our way. The only thing that is not ready I guess are the cleaning supplies that we ought to stock in our new house. This time our kids can now freely play outside the house and within our vicinity. With that in mind I am expecting that at anytime our kids could be dragging some dirt inside the house. I have promised my husband that I will keep the house clean.

I believe I’ve found online the cleaning supplies that I needed to stock in our house. My husband will truly be happy with them since they are environment safe.

Guyabano Tea Dosage

Take guyabano tea for thirty (30) days, three (3) times a day, one glass 30 minute before every meal. The tea is best absorbed in an empty stomach.

Guyabano Tea

Again it should only be taken for 30 days. Have yourself examined by your doctor to inspect if the illness is still there. If the symptoms is still there, shrink the dosage to maintenance dose yet again for 30 days.

If the symptoms are still there after the 30 days treatment, discontinue drinking the tea for ten days and repeat afterwards.

If the symptoms vanish before the end 30-day treatment, continue taking the tea to make certain that no single sick cell is there.

Again 30 day treatment, 3x a day, one glass 30 minutes before meals no skipping.

Maintenance dosage:

One glass of tea a day 30 minute before meal for 5 days.

Do not jumble the tea with other curative substances to keep away from incompatibility.

Lastly, follow the procedure.


How to make Guyabano Tea

On my previous post I have mentioned of the effectiveness of guyabano in treating dreadful diseases such as cancer and diabetes. However such information may be of less importance if procedure is not properly provided.

Guyabano Tea

I do believe that procedure has great impact to the efficacy. At the laboratory everything is measured and timed to insure accuracy and gain the desired result. So it is the same when preparing herbs for therapy.

Here’s how to prepare Guyabano tea:

Forty (40) pieces of guyabano leaves and 1 liter clean water

Mature yet not too old leaves is to be preferred. Have the leaves air dried so that medicinal properties of the leaves will be concentrated, making it more effective. No to sun dry or oven dry; too much heat will ruin the nutritional value of the herb.


1. Have 1 liter of water boiled in a sauce pan or casserole.
2. Add the leaves and turn the heat to low as soon as the water boils.
3. Simmer it for twenty (20) minutes. The color will turn to golden brown or will possess the color of regular tea.
4. Allow to cool before drinking.

The tea is only good for 7-8 hours and may be refrigerated.

Dosage or treatment procedure on next post. To Be Continued…

Wonders of Guyabano

Millions have been spent to advance the research for the cure of cancer but even after decades of research no absolute cure has been found. What they have is something that delays death. Survivors were actually under God’s mercy, the miracle of grace.

People believe in the healing wonders of herbs but do not want to take them the traditional way because they believe that their effect is not as quick as those formulated medicines that have already been made ready and are available at the hospitals or pharmacy.

It’s amazing how people turn back to herbs when they seem to feel hopeless, when they came to realize that spending much to delay death is but impractical. The thing is Miracle happens to those who go back to the natural process and trust God.

Cancer Cell Killer

The cure that guyabano (sour sap) brings for different illnesses is undeniable. It has been proven that guyabano possesses the most powerful anti-cancer agent. It is now widely known that guyabano is the fiercest cancer cell killer It prevents and heals cancer itself. Now who would think that God’s natural way to heal the most dreaded illness comes as a delicious treat?

Just recently it has been discovered that guyabano along with tea heals not just cancer but also diabetes, arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases.

All Natural Fat Shrinker

Good health is one of the most important things that all of us desire but staying in shape is something that probably about 5% of the people would not care about. Shall I say they care about it, but may not exert much effort to attain that good shape. Keeping in shape can bring us countless advantages; these are benefits that goes beyond what money can buy, and we all know that there are many ways to attain that shape or figure that we yearn to have.

Some people would wish to obtain their good health and desired shape through lengthy and quite arduous process of exercise and diet. Other people go for the quickest and yet expensive way to get rid of those unwanted fats with the use of state of art machineries (e.g.  Liposuction), while many desire to pair little exercise or no exercise at all with dietary supplements for quicker results.

Way back then I was really not into taking weight loss supplements, I am scared of it because I’ve heard stories of its side effect and all. So I made a decision to only go for the natural process; exercise and diet. However, no matter how hard I tried, I always seem to miss my exercise schedule and also got tempted to eat the food pleasing to the eye and appetite. It has been a while yet I have not attained the figure that I long to have.

Out of curiosity I began searching for the truth about taking weight loss dietary supplements. In my investigation I found out that those who may have reported of side effects actually are responsible for their own misfortunes.

1. They purchased cheap and unsafe weight loss pills. Some of them are not even approve by the bureau of foods and drugs.

2. They did not talk to their doctor before they started taking them. They could have been allergic to some substance which they could have avoided if they consult a doctor.

3. Some of them did not follow the instructions provided in the box or label.

Most weight loss supplements nowadays are safe. They are mostly made from natural, organic substance (herbs). They went through a thorough research and process to assure safety and effectiveness. Just bear in mind though that too much of something is bad enough. So follow the instructions to avoid injury and obtain the perfect shape that you desired. Fear not, its all natural.


The birth of a baby has to be one of the greatest miracles of life. On average, about four babies enter our world every second. During that same second approximately two people die, so that the world population is increasing at the rate of about per second. It is a statistics that I have a hard time with, because I know how much pain and sadness there is in our sin-sick world. My prayer is Lord; take care of all those precious lives. A human life is a unit with the greatest known value.

As each healthy baby comes into the world kicking and screaming, it is generally hungry and is ready to eat. When mother cradles baby in her arms, the food is right there at the infant’s mouth, and baby is programmed to root around and latch on and start sucking, drinking, in that life-giving milk – another profound miracle story of production. When you study the system from a designer’s perspective, it looks “very good.”


So what is a mother’s milk? It is good nutrition for the newborn? Does it meet specifications for growth and development? Much research done during the past two decades clearly shows that it is the perfect baby food. It appears to be designed by a loving Creator who knows what He is doing. Consider these observations.

For the first few days mother’s milk (called colostrum) is rich in proteins and low in sugar and fats. A perfect nutritional blend, it boosts the baby’s immune system and kick – starts the function of the infant’s fairly inactive and inexperienced digestive tract. For the next few days the milk changes to sweet watery liquid called transitional milk. The baby gets fully hydrated, and the sweetness appeal to the baby’s awakening senses. Roughly two weeks into life, mother’s milk composition shifts again to the so-called mature milk with watery foremilk and thicker, creamier hind milk. The fat and sugar content continue to rise, and the immunoglobulin levels fall. After about six months babies begin supplementing their diets with a little solid food as they continue their growth and development.

Natural Plant-based Foods

Have you ever perceived food as the most significant of all medicine? After I checked out the current world statistics hinting that that close to eleven million little ones perish every year that approximately half of those deaths are due to poor nutrition, it made the relationship between food and medicine strong in my thoughts. There is however a lot more. The illnesses that kill the majority of children (diarrhea, malaria, pneumonia, as well as measles) are considerably more serious when children have inadequate food or lack the right type. Certainly, food is genuinely our foremost medicine.

I can’t glance at a grapes, blueberries, tomato, potatoes, banana, or just grain of rice or wheat, etc., without moving my head in amazement and awe. To start with, consider of the packaging. Most possess waxy coatings or extraordinary skin or coverings that deliberate evaporation of moisture. A number of them change color when they get ripened to allow us to recognize that they are ready to eat. Ripe implies that the sour acids are entirely transformed to sweet sugars and that the hard fruits are getting tender and delectable. After that take into account their chemical substance. To date, food specialists and chemists have uncovered beyond nine hundred intricate chemical substances wrapped in fruits, veggies, nuts, and grains. These kinds of plant compounds (phytochemicals) have plenty of complex names such as beta-carotene, lycopene, as well as isoflavones. Undoubtedly the rest still continue to be undiscovered. The more we gain knowledge of these compounds , the more we understand that they safeguard us from major ailments including hypertension , diabetes , hardening of the arteries, high cholesterol , cardiovascular disease , cancer, poor eyesight , and so much more . These days I look at each impressive glistening berries, yummy nut, gleaming apple, as well as crunchy grain of cereal as a passionate well-being packet from my Creator. He created me and is aware of precisely what I ought to eat to stay healthy. Everything I necessitate for life and health is profusely obtainable in an ordinary diet of organic plant-based foods. Additionally, He didn’t serve it in a bitter pill form. The finest food for me is wonderfully bundled, feels good in the mouth, tastes and smells pleasant, and on top of that, it shields me from numerous diseases.

Bathroom Needs

If I were to ask of two places at home you would most likely go to relax after a stressful day, you would probably say bedroom and bathroom. Well, I am saying this because that’s what it is for me. I hope we share such thought.

Neptune Air Tub

Upon arriving home I usually go straight to the bedroom to lie down and rest a bit after a stressful day. As soon as I felt like my feet and body have relaxed I then go to the bathroom for a bath to cool myself. You would probably just enjoy this routine if you have a quality bath. And you would most like know what I mean with quality bath if you visit

At home we do not have a bath tub just yet but we have a wonderful shower and a spacious bathroom. I had been asking my husband to have a bath tub installed for me to be able to relax more, and he said I would be as soon as he is able to figure out which tub would best look good in our bathroom. I wish he’d get me an air tub.

Ideal Breakfast

To most people, breakfast is a meal that’s usually taken for granted. They eat breakfast if they have time and they don’t if they don’t have time or they don’t feel like eating one. And to most people who say they eat breakfast, this usually means a cup or two of coffee and bread. For your best interest and information, I will consider three kinds of breakfast in this post.

Let’s see what a breakfast of bread and coffee has to offer you in terms of percentages of the common nutrients a normal adult would need for the day. Remember, a good breakfast should provide about ¼ to 1/3 of most of the nutrients the body needs for the day.

Except for iron, all other nutrients barely reached 10 percent of the recommended dietary allowances. And worse yet, vitamins A and C are not supplied.

Now, let’s see what happen if we add an egg, 2 pieces of boiled banana, and a teaspoon of margarine and just 1 tablespoon of evaporated milk to the hot drink.

Note the addition of vitamins A and C and the percentages of all nutrients now above 10, with some at 25 more percent of the recommended dietary allowance of the nutrients. The addition of banana is responsible for the vitamin C plus a little of each of the rest of the nutrients; egg for the iron, protein, vitamin A, calcium, thiamine and riboflavin; and the margarine (the brand that has been fortified with thiamine) for the thiamine or vitamin B1.

For hard working people, this breakfast can still be modified to give higher percentage of the different nutrient requirements. By adding 1 more cup of rice and replacing  the egg with mongo beans guisado with 1 tablespoon *malunggay leaves, almost all nutrients are satisfied up to 30 percent and more of the recommended dietary allowance for the day.

*Malunggay leaves are popularly used in Filipino soups and broths especially tinola. The leaves are said to increase lactation in nursing mothers. Filipinos like to say that malunggay is “the most nutritious plant in the world.”  It is rich in vitamins A and C and iron.

A good breakfast, therefore, will provide you with a generous supply of the needed nutrients, which in turn will assure you of the following benefits:

  1. Helps make one alert, efficient and resistant to fatigue.
  2. Stabilizes the blood sugar level, so there is less desire to overeat later on in the day.
  3. Increase sense of well-being.
  4. Better work performance, better concentration on one’s work and studies (for students).
  5. Decrease the desire to eat between meals.
  6. Better weight control.
  7. Better disposition.

Molds in the Wall

Allergy is a very common illness, it varies differently, some are allergic to some food, others are allergic to some materials, and another maybe allergic to dust and others such as molds. Each of us might have our different allergies.

I am not a born asthmatic; I acquire some kind of allergy when I was 21, which later on progressed to asthma and this happened after a major mountain climb. I really don’t know what caused it, it could have been triggered by some pollens or some starch in the woods, I’m not sure. My husband could be worst, he is not asthmatic but he’s got allergic rhinitis. He’s very susceptible to dusts and to strong scents.

So we rented a house which was old. I always make it a point that the house is clean, knowing that dust could make my hubby sick. However no matter how I try dusts always find its way to us. I believe those dusts are from the old wood walls and ceilings. We endure three years in that house and then we decided to move out since my hubby’s allergy is getting severe.

We moved to another house. This time a concrete house, so we thought the house could be dust free. The place was cool because of there were many trees in the surroundings. There’s just one thing we different we notice from that house; the walls moisten every time it rain. We wonder how the water gets there.  Sometimes we wipe the walls with dry clothes, those that we are able to reach. After some time I wonder why suddenly I have hard time breathing; get asthma attack like twice a week and my husband also have allergies again. We really wonder what could be wrong I always wipe the walls with dry clothes and vacuum clean the carpet and floor. We moved the lockers and discovered that thick molds were compounded there.

Moist walls collect dusts and are perfect place to grow mold, which is harmful to those with allergies. All the while we were unaware that we are breathing mold spores and thus our nasal passages were aggravated. My sister-in-law suggested that we contact a mold control experts and we did. Wish I could have discovered the problem earlier and contacted Mold Removal Experts in Phoenix our allergies could have not worsened.