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Holiday Adventure

The holiday season is here and this is my most awaited time of the year. Not because of the gifts that we give and receive on Christmas day but because this is the season when the family gets reunited. When the family is complete one of the best things to do to strengthen the bond is to go out for some kind adventure.

Recently my brother-in-law talks about a mountain adventure park that has started to build its reputation. Accordingly, to date the resort holds the record for longest zip line in Asia. It also has rock climbing wall, rope bridges and the like. For those who love to drive around the park, ATVs are also available for rent. My husband is so interested with all these. To him this would be a perfect adventure. He is an outdoor lover and has passion and patience for challenging ride.  There’s just one important thing that he notice, the rides does not have ATV winches. He is quite worried about it since the piece of equipment is very important especially if the trail is muddy and slippery. You may be stuck in an all mud ascend at any time and ATV winches are sure help to pull you up.

Well, we send out suggestions to the resort management and hopefully this need will be addressed.