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Holiday Adventure

The holiday season is here and this is my most awaited time of the year. Not because of the gifts that we give and receive on Christmas day but because this is the season when the family gets reunited. When the family is complete one of the best things to do to strengthen the bond is to go out for some kind adventure.

Recently my brother-in-law talks about a mountain adventure park that has started to build its reputation. Accordingly, to date the resort holds the record for longest zip line in Asia. It also has rock climbing wall, rope bridges and the like. For those who love to drive around the park, ATVs are also available for rent. My husband is so interested with all these. To him this would be a perfect adventure. He is an outdoor lover and has passion and patience for challenging ride.  There’s just one important thing that he notice, the rides does not have ATV winches. He is quite worried about it since the piece of equipment is very important especially if the trail is muddy and slippery. You may be stuck in an all mud ascend at any time and ATV winches are sure help to pull you up.

Well, we send out suggestions to the resort management and hopefully this need will be addressed.

ATV Rental

Last Sunday was a very fine day. We went out to attend my husband company’s summer beach party and we enjoyed it a lot especially my son. We enjoy the beach, we bathe to the sea and the swimming pool, and my husband got a feel of his most loved sport, Rock Climbing. My husband has always been athletic since he was in university. He is not into basketball, volleyball, and not much football because of the height disadvantage but he has real passion for outdoor sports and speed.

While eating dinner my brother in law and my husband talked about starting a new business in the province. My husband thought of starting an ATV rental business in their place. Sure it’s going to be a new attraction and a hit since more and more tourist are visiting tourist spots around the region.  The only problem we are seeing is that ATV parts and accessory is scarce or hard to find in the area. Sure it would be hard to find genuine replacement parts such as ATV tires, and other accessories.

Well, we are thinking over the possibility of pushing through with this venture as we are seeing more issues. Getting a business permit may also be a problem since they do not have much political influence in the city.  As for now my husband would still have check with motorcycle stores for the price of each unit.       

ATV Accessory

All terrain vehicles are very a necessity now in mountainous place. In some mountainous theme park here in the Philippines, ATV are made as service vehicle that can be rented by tourist to tour around the place. One of my friends has now turned into a motorist make ATV riding a hobby. They have formed and ATV organization where-in every Sunday they ride to mountainous muddy mountains to develop their ATV driving skills.

Capsized ATV and broken machine on some adventure is unavoidable. On those situations they are left with no options but to pull and tow their companion’s broken down vehicle.  Ropes might be inappropriate in these circumstances. ATV winches are very much instrumental on these situations. It’s a good thing that he accessorized his ATV. He got one of those winches and now he is a great help to his team whenever they are in trouble.      

All Terrain Vehicle

My husband and I was outdoor enthusiast. We were very active in outdoor activities when we were still single. I use to go mountain climbing, trekking, and caving with my friends. My husband on the other hand does rock climbing, mountain climbing, trekking, caving and all sort of  little bit extreme outdoor fun. He also loves driving bikes which for him is convenient but I am not in favor of because of too much danger in the road. Being an outdoor enthusiast my husband is looking forward on owning an ATV or All Terrain Vehicle which he said would also be perfect when brought to our little mountainous farm in the province. He said that having an ATV at our mountainous farm would be so convenient and that he can make all the fun there is with an ATV. I also told him that driving an ATV as his service vehicle around the city or to work would be great because it’s safer than a 2 wheeled bike. He actually thinks that its cool but I sensed that he is not buying my idea.