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Baby Sport Team Clothes

This summer one of the things that I would love to do is to shop for my 2 year old boy and for my upcoming baby. I am on my fifth month and I believe it’s the best time to shop for my kids.

My husband and I were athletic back then so we both have our different favorite sport teams such as those in NBA, NFL, and the like. My husband pretty much have a wide collection of jerseys and team T-shirts and I also have few. We thought of having a sporty summer and wearing team shirts will make us look sporty. Perhaps on one day we will be wearing LA Lakers or San Antonio Spurs on another we will be wearing Raiders or Redskins.

We were looking for sports team baby clothes for our 2 year old boy and it’s really hard to look for authentic one. We’ve come across with Babyfans.com and were aghast with the wide choices of baby and infant sport team cloths. Surely our son would have his very own Redskins baby jersey. The page is neat and easy to navigate. You can easily find the baby sport team clothes that you desire to have as they are listed and categorized in the left pane of the window.  Their prices are very reasonable. Everything that you may want to know is just right into the page through their helpful links.

Truly Baby Fans is the place that satisfies your hunger for baby sport team clothes. It is simply the best place to get the cutest and high quality baby clothes.

Designer Baby Clothes

Big Pony

My mom was supposed to send me a box of baby clothes. We had been expecting the package for three weeks now but something seems to be wrong as we are not getting anything yet. We call mom and learned why she’s not sending the package yet; the family is expecting not just one but four angels this year so instead of shipping the baby clothes mom decided to keep them for the new ones.

My first born Zach will turn 2 years this February 7 and we just found a wonderful present for him. We went into a store selling baby clothes. We found this wonderful designer baby clothes and thought of buying it for our soon 2 year old baby boy.

Second Angel

Maybe it too early to be so ready but I guess we’re just thrilled. So we just had it confirmed. I am pregnant. This is going to be my second angel yet still we’re excited about him/her. As soon as we had it blasted on one social networking site, our account has got flooded with thread of genuine greetings from our friends congratulating us for another on the way.

ergo baby carrier

I guess this is too early but this afternoon we check on some clothes that our son have outgrown. Zach my first born will turn 2 years on February; it’s going to be 10 days from now to be exact. We segregated some baby clothes and some stuff that can still be use by our second angel.  Along with the stuff that we still find go is an ergo baby carrier that we have not used much because we does not travel much with Zach when he was an infant. Anyway we got it ready since we are pretty sure that we will be using it much with our second child. So friends were excited too as they are now asking what they could give as a present to the soon new member of the family.