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Baby Announcement In Style

In a month or few weeks now, my baby girl will finally see the beauty of the world, and I want my family, friends and relatives, and the world to know of her existence. Parents as we are would be so proud that our new babies will be acknowledged by everyone.

Birth announcements are among several ways to introduce our babies to our closest relatives and friends. Some people go with the traditional baby birth announcements. They use a simple or typical announcement card which in a way makes little impact. Baby birth announcements can be customized to make announcements wonderful. Paper culture can help you with having a baby birth announcements designed with style. Paper Culture’s cards are sure to fashion the wonderful way to capture the thrill of your newest family member. They use 100% recycled materials. In a way you get the best way to introduce your dearest and help save mother earth.

Baby Sport Team Clothes

This summer one of the things that I would love to do is to shop for my 2 year old boy and for my upcoming baby. I am on my fifth month and I believe it’s the best time to shop for my kids.

My husband and I were athletic back then so we both have our different favorite sport teams such as those in NBA, NFL, and the like. My husband pretty much have a wide collection of jerseys and team T-shirts and I also have few. We thought of having a sporty summer and wearing team shirts will make us look sporty. Perhaps on one day we will be wearing LA Lakers or San Antonio Spurs on another we will be wearing Raiders or Redskins.

We were looking for sports team baby clothes for our 2 year old boy and it’s really hard to look for authentic one. We’ve come across with Babyfans.com and were aghast with the wide choices of baby and infant sport team cloths. Surely our son would have his very own Redskins baby jersey. The page is neat and easy to navigate. You can easily find the baby sport team clothes that you desire to have as they are listed and categorized in the left pane of the window.  Their prices are very reasonable. Everything that you may want to know is just right into the page through their helpful links.

Truly Baby Fans is the place that satisfies your hunger for baby sport team clothes. It is simply the best place to get the cutest and high quality baby clothes.

Second Angel

Maybe it too early to be so ready but I guess we’re just thrilled. So we just had it confirmed. I am pregnant. This is going to be my second angel yet still we’re excited about him/her. As soon as we had it blasted on one social networking site, our account has got flooded with thread of genuine greetings from our friends congratulating us for another on the way.

ergo baby carrier

I guess this is too early but this afternoon we check on some clothes that our son have outgrown. Zach my first born will turn 2 years on February; it’s going to be 10 days from now to be exact. We segregated some baby clothes and some stuff that can still be use by our second angel.  Along with the stuff that we still find go is an ergo baby carrier that we have not used much because we does not travel much with Zach when he was an infant. Anyway we got it ready since we are pretty sure that we will be using it much with our second child. So friends were excited too as they are now asking what they could give as a present to the soon new member of the family.

Baby Shower Gifts

A friend of mine waited for years to have a baby. Countless visits to different doctors were made to obtain medications just to be sure that they will have one, until finally their dream come true and she is soon to deliver her first baby. It’s a baby boy and everybody is excited, a baby shower plan is pulled ahead to celebrate this precious one and their becoming a family.

We then help her prepare the baby’s room. For the baby shower, we started with a list of important people to invite. We also contact some of our closest friends who live quite distant to join and celebrate the party. We sent them personalized invitation cards and we were glad that they confirm to come. This party is special and is going to be full of excitement.  

As one of her closest friend and soon the baby’s godmother I want her to feel that I care and I am happy for her and her first precious baby. So way ahead I thought of wonderful surprises that I could possibly come up to. I decide to shop at an online baby store. It has to be unique, so I have to come up with personalized baby gifts. Shopping online is great; I came across with best baby shower gifts and I now know what to give for her little boy.

Purchasing the item online is very comfortable for me.  There is so much time to shop and a lot of variety of gift item to choose from, all for the baby and my friend. I also check for the online store’s reliability to be sure that the item will arrive at the specific time. So much for that it also saves a lot of money and time.


Every mother wants their child healthy. Mother also finds other alternative food aside from the process food to make them save the budget but they don’t want to compromise the health of their child. I’m one of many mothers who seek to find an alternate healthy food for my little one. So I made this food which want to share with you. Here’s the food that I prepared.

Ingredients: 1 gram of brown rice; 4 cubes pumpkin or potato, in regular size; small amount of salt

              mixed with malungay juice – optional Material needed:

Materials: Osterizer Blender, plate, spoon

Cook the rice and put the pumpkin or potato. Wait until well cooked then mix with salt to taste. Just give your child enough food for the meal. The remaining food will serve for the next meal and put in the microwave for heating. Give your baby 1 kind of fruit after meal too.

Can be served for the 3 meals.


I’ve heard and adhere to the fact that immunization is important for the baby to protect the baby from any known harm. But every now and then new illnesses are discovered and new vaccine is developed to immunize our young ones. At first what I was only mindful of just getting or completing the available free vaccines that our local health centers offer. I don’t even mind about how important the other vaccines may be. One of my friends told me that I should get more immunization for my baby. Also my sister-in-law told me not to ignore those vaccines for my baby’s protection against viruses and bacteria in the surroundings.

At first I was quit hesitant of availing those vaccines because they were so expensive. I talked to my husband about it. My husband said that we will get all the vaccines needed to secure our baby from any illness. I immediately noted everything in my reminder book and booked for my baby’s vaccination.

His first immunization was made at the hospital those were BCG and HepaB. His second immunization shots were HepaB; DPT and polio were all done at the vaccination center at our local healthcare center. Month after month we visited our local healthcare center immunization until we finished the required basic immunization package. The healthcare center gave the following: DPT vaccine, Hepatitis-B vaccine, Polio vaccine, and the last one was the vaccine against measles.  There were vaccines prescribed by the doctor which the healthcare centers can’t provide which, were very expensive. These vaccines were Rotavirus and HIb. Every shot of these vaccines, were expensive. Rotavirus requires two shots and it will and the latter (HIb) requires three shots. I was really worried that we might not be able to complete the vaccination since we don’t have enough money. We were really on financial constraint, but my husband was genuinely decided that we would avail of the vaccine.

We finally made it. The vaccination was completed with the help of God. Now with God’s grace my baby is very healthy and so far has never been sick.

Instructions for Newborn Bathing

 On my first baby bath I found some difficulties in moving the baby around for proper bathing. Good thing my mother in law was around and gave me a hand. I’ve learned a lot from her and I want to share this to every new mother.


Happy Bathing

Happy Bathing

1. Cautiously select a time when you are going to bathe your baby.

2. Wash your baby’s face using a spongy wash cloth mushy with lukewarm water, give more concentration to their eyes by wiping from the inside to the outside.

3. Start to strip off your baby.

4. Support the head with your one arm, and bottom with the other. Be tender when placing the baby into the bathtub.

5. Be gentle when washing the baby.

6. The last thing you should wash is your baby’s genitals using just water.

7. Lift your baby out of the bath and put him or her onto a clean towel. 

8. Wrap the baby in the towel and make sure that he or she is warm and dry.

9. If the baby has a diaper rash then you can apply some diaper rash cream.

10. Put on your baby’s diaper then put on the rest of her clothes.

11. Empty the water out of the bath, clean it and put the bath away until the next time you need to use it.


Make sure not to leave your baby in the bath by herself/himself; it’s possible for a baby to drown in even a tiny amount of water. Whenever I find the baby having hard time to calm down I then try to reassure him by singing or talking to him.

Newborn bathing doesn’t have to be as hassle as we might imagine. By following these simple instructions you will both enjoy bath time.

Guide on Preparing Baby Bath

Becoming a new mother is a chilling vision. There are so many new things that you need to learn in providing care to a new, fragile life. The majority of mothers find it very difficult to bathe their baby especially for those first time mothers. Even though you use a small amount of water it is still fairly hazardous. We’re going to run through a really simple guide on bathing your newborn baby. Once you know how to do it, you can start to relax and enjoy this time together.babybath

The first time you put your baby in a bath they probably won’t know what that experience is and they may feel a little scared. Not all babies like baths, and this may take a little adjustment. Just remember to be careful. A slippery and wiggly baby can be hard to keep hold of, so take your time working with the baby in getting him in and out of the water.

In preparing the water make sure that the water is kept clean and warm, not hot. A baby’s skin is sensitive, so you don’t want to make the water too warm or it could be prickly or it may even hurt them. Wherever I put the bathing container in the baby’s’ bathing area I always make sure that it’s stable and won’t fall over.

Before I even start considering newborn bathing I make sure that everything is prepared in advance. Ensure that I have a clean towel and clean set of clothes left out so that I can dry and dress the baby as quickly as possible. If I find the bath too slippery for my baby I then place a towel inside the bath. Also, I put a small amount of water into the bath, so that I would not be too pressured. When it comes to the temperature, use your elbow to test the warmth of the water, as this skin is very sensitive.


           While my body prepares natural for giving birth I also prepared my mind for responsibility that lies ahead for motherhood. I took my vitamins regularly and making sure that I am taking them in time. I eat nutritious food. I took plenty of rest.  I do exercise everyday. I visited my doctor regularly for my prenatal. I strictly follow the doctor’s advice. In preparation we began collecting stuffs for the baby. We bought the baby some cloths,  baby toiletries, diaper, clips, baby wipes, baby pad, baby bathtub, mosquito net, feeding bottles, crib , stroller. Prepare the locker for his cloths. We also collected some used baby clothes sent off by our parents. Those were clothes from our nephews and nieces (grown up clothes but still in good condition).