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Communicating With The Baby

The baby’s range of sounds and facial expressions continues to grow, with lots of babbling, squealing, smiling, and laughing — which may mean less time for crying. This is also an age of imitating sounds, which are first attempts at speaking.


Trying to imitate sounds

Trying to imitate sounds

At the age of seven months, my baby at this age began to experiment with the sounds he could make with his mouth, using saliva as an important tool. My baby also makes more effort to emulate sounds and fritter more time babbling. Make no mistake, this is baby’s early endeavor at talking and should be convinced as much as possible. If we pay attention closely, we’ll hear my baby’s voice heave and slump as if asking a question or making a statement. Our baby is just now starting to comprehend the basics of communication through words. Now, our baby’s beginning to pick out the words of your saying and can hear and know the different sounds that we formulate and the way words form sentences.

Babies may also try coughing to get parental attention at this age just like our baby does. Rather than punishing our baby for this, we give extra attention once the coughing or fussing has stopped. This is the age when our babies are able to reflect our emotional state, which is the beginning of true communication.