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Dad’s Pair of Muck Boots

My family owns a little farm that my father inherited from his parents. It is not much but we like it there. It is where I grow until I was 8 years old. The place is very much developed now since it is where dad devotes his vacation leaves. Father never misses to visit the farm at least three times each month. Every end of the year, my father is obliged to do force leave from their work or else his earned vacation leave could not be used and be forfeited. In these instances my father spends his week long vacation developing our little farm. Sometimes we spend Christmas week in the farm.

Every morning in the farm before breakfast, my father would take time to walk to check his crops. He also checks his durian and coconut plantation. Dad has aged and most of the time he forgets to bring his pair of muck boots to the farm. He only gets to realize that he left them home when it’s time for him to walk around the farm in the morning. As a result, he either roams around the farm on his sleepers or goes barefoot when passing the muddy portion of the farm.  Sometime he borrows his brothers muck boots or wears our pair of muck boots, where-in he then would keep on complaining because they’re too tight for him.

Muck boots are essential protection when we go to farms or to muddy, grassy and slippery places. It helps us to feel comfortable moving around watery or muddy places to accomplish some works.

Fashionable Footwear

I am not the type of woman who’s really into the fad.  However, as a woman I of course admire people who love to dress up. I would like to appear a bit flashy sometimes. Every time I go malls I never fail to see ladies in boots and those boots never fail to amaze me. I told myself that one day I will get one that would certainly look great in me. My husband love to see me dressed up and dressing up really pays. A lot of branded fashionable boots like Polo boots are on the line ready for pick up whenever money is ready. I have browsed into a footwear catalog online and certainly I can’t wait to get one.