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Traveling Tips

Your family may going out for shopping, or for a picnic, or for an appointment. Traveling with a baby or with little kids on board a car be a safe and pleasant experience if you consider the following tips:

  • Wear a seat belt and ask all passengers to do the same.
  • Do not use any substitute infant seat or ordinary travel bed for a car seat.
  • Do not allow two children or a parent and a child to use only one seat belt.
  • Never let the baby ride in your arms while the car is moving.
  • Avoid the temptation not to place the baby in a car seat “because we’re traveling only a few blocks.”
  • Do not leave the rear door of the car open. This lets in exhaust fumes. Also, dangerous objects may come through the open door in a crash.
  • Do not allow children to play with sharp objects or metals while the car is moving. These objects may accidentally hit them if the car suddenly stops.
  • Put loose objects inside the car trunk.
  • A pregnant mother should especially use a seat belt. Until her child is born, she is the baby’s “car seat.” The lap belt must be kept below her uterus, across the pelvic bone, to avoid injury to the baby from the seat belt.
  • Bring along musical tapes and play them right after buckling the baby in.
  • Bring along nonchokable snacks¬†like rice cakes or bread. Do not allow kids to suck on lollipops or popsicles or anything with a stick. A swerve or an accident could ram the stick into the kids’ throats.
  • When driving long distances, make frequent pit stops.¬†


Outings invite the use of all the child’s five senses. The child learns about the world through these senses. So he must be encouraged to look, listen, taste, smell, and touch as many things as possible.

Through outings, the child learns to discover and appreciate new things as well as to ask questions about the environment. He becomes perceptive and aware. His outlook widens. The grooups and individuals he relates to increase. Sharpening his senses prepares him for more complicated tasks.

Going out for walks or rides or visits is a favorite treat among children. It takes them out of the house to discover, explore and learn.

The activity need not be expensive. The outings could just be a walk around the neighborhood, a trip to the market, a stroll to a nearby playground, or part of regular visits to relatives and friends.

To make the walk leisurely and absorbing, you could tell a story or recite a poem. If during an outing, he just wants to sit somewhere, don’t fuss. Just urge him to look around. Call his attention to the trees, their leaves and fruit, the people walking about, the small animals, the dragonflies, etc.

After the outing, encourage him to talk about or draw his impressions on the trip. Attending to the child’s interests, answering his questions, catering to his intellectual requirements are a good way to show your child that you care for him.