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“Life Is Too Important To Be Easy”

Sometimes we think that life should be easier. After all, it looks easy for others. Comparing ourselves or our circumstances can be dangerous business, especially since we compare with a purpose in  mind – either to make ourselves look better or worse than those around us. Ralph is better looking. Sheila has permissive parents. Pat makes friends quickly. Mark seems so sure of himself.

The seed of jealousy is planted. Let the others have their good points; you too have yours. You may not be able to visualize them right now, but some day when you are feeling up, make a list of your good qualities and the positive factors in your life – and save it for the next blue day.

When the “if onlys” hit, take action before they have time to bury themselves deep into your psyche. Do something.  Get busy. Physical activity, work or exercise, always helps. Think until you come up with one thing (or quality, or condition) you’re glad you have. Then do something for someone else: phone a friend you know is down, help with something around the house, smile at a stranger.

One of my friends told me once. “Life is too important to be easy

You can’t maintain a constant of happiness – nobody can. But the harder you work at gratitude and the sooner you dissolve the “if onlys,” the better you’ll feel. There’s no limit to how high you can soar in joy, once you’ve unclipped your wing.

Choose Happiness III

Choose to get help in ordeer to have happiness. If happiness is never part of your life, if you have more depression than joy, if it is almost impossible for you to experience happiness, then it is likely that something in your life is holding you back. Rather than remain in an unahppy, perssimistic state, speak to your pastor or seek out a counselor who can help you locate the problem and guide on into happiness.

One study of 4,000 respondents revealed that counseling was highly beneficial for problem such as depression, phobias, and stress. Nearly nine out of ten respondents indicated that their conditions improved significantly after counseling. In fact, 44 percent of those who entered therapy-people who had previously reported that they were in “very poor” emotional states and made statements like “I barely manage to deal with things” – said they felt much better after treatment.

Finally, choose to be happy now. Don’t fall into trap of putting happiness on hold. Too many people ignore the present and expect to be happy something in the future-when they get the promotion, find true love, earn a large income, attain great professional success, or achieve some other goal. That approach will most likely result in disappointment. Happiness does not operate on a future schedule. The right time to be happy is now.  

Choose Happiness II

Choose to practice being happy. Remind yourself that your are a  happy person. Identify yourself to others as being a happy individual. Smile often. Greet friends with warmth and strangers with kindness. Practice giving thanks  daily and even hourly for the many happinesses that are yours, such as the gift of being alive, watching the sun rise, living in a comfortable dwelling place, completing a demanding project, enjoying the love of family and friends, having  a work that provides you with financial resources, and so forth. Remember that happiness is not the attainment of what you want but the realization of how much you already have.

Choose to make someone else happy. “The joy that you give to others is the joy that come back to you,” wrote  poet John Greenleaf Whittier. Behind that statement is this simple but profound truth. Our happiness is magnified when we got out of our way to make someone else happy.

Choose to examine your expectations. “Many people are chronically unhappy because their expectations are unrealistic,” says Dr. Bobbi Sommer, author of Psycho-Cybernetics 2000. Don’t delude yourself that youcan ward off unhappiness in all situations all the time. There’s no such thing as permanent, uninterrupted happiness. The important thing is to learn to accept setbacks without thinking of them as permanent conditions.”

Choose Happiness

Happines is a choice. We can choose to feel defeated and despondent over life circumstances, or we can choose to be hopeful and happy.

Choose to live a sincere spiritual life. Scripture reminds us that ultimately, happiness is a spiritual experience grounded in our relationship to God. The psalmist wrote: “Happy are those who reject the advice of evil men, who do not follow the example of sinners.” Happy are people whose God is the Lord.” Consider also the wisdom in this advice from Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the great 19th-century British peacher: “Have you heart right with Christ, and he will visit you often, and turn… meals into sacrament homes into temples, and earth into heaven.”

Choose to be happy in spite of problem. No one lives a life that is free from problems. Hard times and happiness are not mutually exclusive. Remind yourself that at any moment in life you have the option to choose happines. Then make a commitment to contentment no matter what your external circumtances may  be. Often the greatest happiness and the deepest joy flow from the lives of people who have troubles and who triump over them through sheer determination and preserverance.



Instant Model

One morning, when my husband came home from work, his face was happy and excited. That day was the day when their training with windows 7 ends and the launching as well. As a token they were given a fresh copy of the new Operating System and when he got his kit of genuine windows 7, he was so delighted. He has the biggest smile when he showed the item to me and when he relates to me the joy they had upon hearing the announcement and upon getting a hold of their own copy.  After that he got busy taking picture the item as he planned to post them on his blog site as well. The sweetest thing was that he had got an instant model; our handsome and adorable son.   

pose to be like real model

pose to be like real model

showing the item

showing the item

just picking-up the item

just picking-up the item

well... i've done my job

well... i've done my job



I may have not tell you about how I felt when I learn tha I was pregnant.

Getting pregnant is every wives dream. As a woman we may be proud to say “I am pregnant!” and we feel complete. We would like to tell the whole world that we had live up to our essence and soon we’ll be a mother. Being pregnant is something that women should be thankful of for not all women get the opportunity of becoming a mother.

After my marriage I then longed to be pregnant. I was 28 then and I thought its just time for me to have a baby. But it took me more than 2 years to bore my precious one.  So when the time came that I learn that I was bearing a baby I was so excited and mystified. I was full of pride to have known that a baby is inside my womb. My tummy started to life-sized. I utterly expressed to my husband and some close friends what I felt and I told them that I am now complete.