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Safer Music Stand

My son Zachy love music. I guess music could really run in the blood. His dad, uncle, aunt, his dad’s cousins are really into music they play musical instruments and they have angelic voices, sure they can sing well.

My son loves the keyboard or piano but we thought we would have him learn the violin first. We’ve got music stands in the studio but we would like to get a unique one only for our children’s use. We seen this wooden music stands at Musicians Friend, to us this one is just perfect since the color is almost similar to wooden instruments.

Another thing is that we feel that wooden music stand is safer. Kids are extra active sometimes and in case it falls to our kids it could not hurt them that bad.

Great Sound Effects

Every time I listen to music I most of the time thought that the sound effects incorporated therein on those songs are really taken or recorded from the object making those sounds such as airplanes sound, motorbike sounds, revving car sounds, screeching breaks sound, birds, and more.  Except of course for those celestial sounds, I know they are made of the sound of chimes and other instruments.

DigiTech RP355 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

I know though that whatever unique sound that comes noticeable in every song are mostly edited. One day while riding in a taxi the driver played rock music or was it heavy metal? On that music I hear a revving motorbike and screeching breaks. I innocently told my hubby of my amazement to the artist’s talents for being able to perfectly incorporate those sounds to fit to the music. My husband laughed and said, “Actually they did not record those sounds from an actual revving bike or screeching breaks, those sounds are actually coming from the electric guitars and with the help of the distortion, synthesizers, and multi effects pedals. I did not believe my husband for that, and so when we arrive home he pulled up some demo videos from YouTube showing how those unique sounds are made.

Music is truly amazing and these simple devices that are being utilized by the artist even makes music mind blowing. Awesome!

Jazz Like Effect

Just when I thought that the buy outs are over, my husband came back with another item to pursue. He said this instrument is not rare to find because very few musicians uses this especially here in our region because very few people place jazz here. Then he pointed to the guiro. That’s right, very few people in our area play the guiro because most of the musical artists here play alternative music, hip hop, rock, rhythm ‘n blues, ballads, gospel, and the like.

A guiro is a percussion instrument that’s somewhat originated from Latin America. This instrument creates a unique and distinct sound when scrapped. Scraping the stick across the grooves in the guiro creates a chain of excellent clicking noises that merge together, depending upon the music and tempo, movement can be up or down across the grooves, and fast or slow. People used to associate this musical instrument to jazz or other Latin, Hispanic music.

A guiro can actually be used in any other music genre. Music after all depends on the musician’s creativity. In fact is I may remember guiro was also used by the band R.E.M on one of their albums. Some other Alternative music band incorporates the use of guiro in their music. But yes I usually hear this instrument in Latin America dance such as salsa, mambo, and the like.  Well yeah I said we can get one or two of that as an addition to the music studio instruments. Looking forward to that jazz like effect.

Fully Equipped

It has always been our dream to have our kids inclined to music. Love for music and a talent to play musical instruments is one of the greatest investments that every parent can give to their children. This new hammond sk1 would be a great addition in to our dream studio and in founding our dreams for our son and daughter.

I said great addition because this keyboard is equipped with features that every musician would desire to have, everything packed in this 15 pounds equipment.  This keyboard is a must have. At early age we are able to see our little boy’s interest in music. Every after church service he runs to the piano or keyboard and he’s not going home not until he is able to playing with it. We have laid out plans to get him to music school at this young age while he still shows interest to it that he may not divert his interest elsewhere. When he’s old, he will be running his very own studio.

Seldom Played Instrument

I seldom see people playing accordion. My first time ever to see an accordion and somebody playing accordion was when I was in middle school. The boy’s dormitory dean plays his accordion almost every church service. What a talent I told myself, to me it seems to be an arduous task to be pressing and pulling both ends of the thing to supply air and at the same time keying on those keys to bring out melodious sound. Not mentioning the weight. However to him it seems light and easy.

Hohner Bravo III 120 Accordion

One day when I was in college I went home for weekend learned that dad have an accordion pawned to him by a needy friend. That accordion must have been so valuable for him. Anyhow I give it a try to play the musical instrument but I just could not get my fingers and my sync. Probably if only I stayed home for a while and it only that accordion stayed longer at home, I could have made myself able with it.

My niece just few months ago asked dad to buy her an accordion and I said where in the world could you find one? It’s not easy to find at all since musical instrument stores in town and even in neighboring cities does not sell that because very few people plays or knew how to play it. The she replied “the internet.” I saw a hohner accordion at wwbw she added. She was right, usually hard to find stuffs from physical store are easy to find in the internet. So you go online I said. Dad is skeptic about buying online. She then said not aunt it’s safe to buy from this store, remember we bought my alto flute from them.

Dad nodded and replied “yes but next year because I am buying this month a saxophone for your uncle.” Right, it was that same month that dad bought a tenor saxophone for my brother. I’m looking forward to this seldom played instrument to be home.

Got To Learn Guitar

My husband’s blood lines are really into music, you can figure that out on my previous post and I’d mention about it over and over again. However none of them are really into guitars. Well, three of his cousins can play string instrument and are real good at violin but not the guitar. Two of his cousins can play the guitar but I’d say they’re just novice when it comes to it.

Breedlove Cascade

My husband have told me that their mother (my mother-in-law now); have purchased guitars for them when they were kids. I said guitars with the “S” for plural because mom had purchased them a total of five guitars overtime for them to learn but none of them cared to learn more. The guitar store owner must have known mom already because of the frequency she purchased guitars from them. The guitars were either damaged or lost one after another because sometime it’s being borrowed and damaged by borrower or lost by borrowers. In as far as I know my husband only know six or seven chord in guitar. His younger brother knows the chords but do not play the guitar.

Well, I am seeing future musicians in our blood line now. This is going to be a dream comes true for me and my dad. My niece can now play the piano and violin, one of my nephews is gifted with a good vibrant voice and my other nephew has been asking for a ukulele or a guitar since last week. I am glad to see that he is willing to learn it. I think I am going to be frequent at guitar stores this year to find the best acoustic guitar as special present on Thanksgiving Day.

Musician’s Dream Equipment

Seven months ago our church had purchased a wonderful sound system. The said sound system was not cheap but it’s really worth it. Well, spending much for better music and audio is not bad, after all life without music is a mistake. Life itself is music.

American Audio Versadeck MIDI Controller

The audio is already great however the youth seem wanting to get the most of it and suggested that a state of art audio mixer would be a great addition since the choir and other musical groups in the church are planning to record their song and make their albums. The board conducted a meeting and the congregation shows willingness to support the project. Moreover, this project would create better churches services.

The in-charge of the said project has canvassed the entire outlet to get a good-quality mixer. Luckily found a great deal for American audio mixers at musicians friend. These are superb, high quality and durable mixers and with the discount the church actually have save a huge amount.

Everyone is so happy for their great choice and happy with the discount too. Truly the equipment is one of our young musician’s dream. The youth are actually thinking of another project that can be bought from the extra money. Who knows what could that be?

Girly Musician

Christmas party is near and so several group bands in my hubby’s company are also very busy now practicing the piece for their Christmas and year end party.

These bands are really great performers and it I’m not mistaken one of them is two-time champion in the yearly inter call center band competition. Lately, my husband told me that they have a new addition to the group, a woman. This lady replaced Josh but my husband said that she is a rock star when she plays the guitar. They never thought that this woman could be much better than Josh.

She’s a real lady and a hardcore musician. Her stuffs? Girly lead guitar, girly designed acoustic guitar. And a cute girly-look guitar effect pedal and she said she got this zvex fuzz factory at guitar center. Her guitar pedal makes amazingly unique effect and the group band just loved it.

Joe their boss said that she and her gadgets are indeed the best that the band ever had.


I believe my husband was my Dad’s personal choice to accompany him in selecting musical instruments. Though not really an expert at playing any musical instruments, my husband belongs to a family of musician. Well, not everyone in their family plays musical instrument but everyone can sing and can lead or conduct a choir.

Just like my brother, my husband is also a wind instrument guy. So it was just right that dad contacted him ahead to look for the saxophone that he gifted to my brother. It was funny though that when dad and my hubby went out to check the saxophones they argue at which saxophone to get. Dad thought that there’s only one kind of saxophone but when my hubby showed him the alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and soprano saxophone, he got confuse as to which one to get.

We do not want to spoil the surprise but then somebody has got to know my brother’s personal preference when it comes to saxophones. Anyhow, we were able to get his preference without his knowledge that dad is buying him his saxophone.

Anyway, dad got my brother the tenor sax. My husband has planned at getting either the soprano or alto saxophone so they can do sax duet whenever we get to visit home.

Our Family Musician

If there’s one that I can call a musician in my family, that would be my youngest brother Jun-jun. When we were kids our father has seen my youngest brother’s passion to music so he bought him a toy trumpet. My brother enjoyed that instrument so much that he kept on playing it. After some time my father bought him a mini piano, and on his own, my brother learn to play some melody.

So on my brother learn how to play the guitar and some wind instrument. When he went to college he got himself a scholarship by joining the university’s drum and bugle corps. Jun-jun has graduated from the university as a corps member.

Last April my husband accompanied my father to canvas for a saxophone. Dad has sighted a nice branded saxophone and saxophone parts which he then purchased when he came back from his trip to Hong Kong later that month. That saxophone was dad’s graduation gift to my brother and he just loves it so much.