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New Scrubs for New Job

My son has lost his every afternoon task of returning the mini broadband modem to his uncle’s room.  My brother-in-law was a nurse but right after passing the board exam he decided to temporarily work as a customer service representative in one of the nearby call-center while waiting for the opportunity to work in the hospital here or overseas.

His opportunity to work in the hospital where his wife is working has come. So he has to leave us. Zach probably missed him as he no longer sees his uncle every time he gets inside his uncle’s room. We can see that he is excited wearing his uniforms and scrubs that he missed to wear for more than a year. His opportunity to train has comes as his wife and some staff in the hospital are soon to leave for a job in Libya, and so he is in the next few months.

Most likely they are busy now looking and buying the most essential clothing for their job; the nice and new uniforms and scrubs which is surely a must for their new job as nurses overseas.

Nurse Uniform

Nursing has been one of the in-demand professions in or out of the country. It is of this reason that more and more people decided to take nursing degrees. Nurses have never failed to impress me. Their uniforms now look nice and trendy. When I was a kid and until I was in college, I notice only one type of uniform nurses have, and that is their clean yet boring white uniform.
Nowadays, whenever going to work, clinics or hospital for checkup, I can’t help but notice and appreciate these new nurses uniforms. They look so cool and pleasing to the eyes, it’s no longer the boring plain white (though plain white are still primarily used). Some colors are now added as details to the nurses uniforms and scrubs and they really look great.
My cousin got one for herself, which she purchase online and presented it to the hospital where she is working. The hospital gladly took her suggestions and so they now have two additional uniforms that they wear on specific or certain days of the week.