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Party Around A Fire Pit

Going to tropical beaches would be one perfect place to go on summer. You can enjoy the plunge on daylight and at night enjoy the heat of the camp fire by the shore. Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Starry Night

Philippines have a lot of beautiful white beaches. Visiting these places on summer is more like visiting a tropical paradise. People walk around the white sands day-in and day-out. Camp fire her and camp fire there at night. People party all night long. Houses and resorts near by also have outdoor fire pit and fireplace in their lawns.

A friend of mine own a home facing the beach in Bora and just on her backyard she places a starry night copper fire dome. The fire pit was unique as it’s standing by its name, its really starry. Its elegant and it gives off romantic atmosphere as soon as fire starts burning on sunset. Her family and friends usually gather around the fire pit in the backyard at night. It is were they chat, drink and sometimes eat dinner.