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Manila Vacation With Rose

Sometime five months ago my best friend (Rose) in Alaska were talking about shoes. You know us girls, shoes, bags, and clothes our greatest temptation others call it vanity. She mentioned that she’s coming home to Philippines and said that she will bring me a pair of designer shoes. Wow my heart jumped for joy. Two weeks ago I asked my hubby to pm Rose about my new phone number that she might be able to contact me when she arrives to P.I.

Last night I was scanning our picture files in the computer to look for 2007 Christmas party at my husband’s company and just could not find them. I believed we lost them when our 1st laptop’s hard drive got corrupted. That was sad, :-( but guess what I found? Rose’s pictures in Manila during Mike’s visit to the Philippines. Wow ! This is amazing. I could not believe time had travel that past as if four years was just yesterday. And oh my! We look so much younger four years back. Rose looks as fashionable as ever, I look pretty small/slender and fit.

Wish I can get back to exercising and achieve that look again. Lol. I miss that short vacation I had with Rose in Manila.

Arrival @ NAIA

Malling on Vacation

Church Visit

Smooth Vacation

Have you ever been double charged by a cab driver? Believe me it feels like you get robbed. We went on an unplanned vacation together with some Korean friends to witness a festival. We would like to be care free so we did not contact any travel agency to book for our hotel or fix our whereabouts. The vacation that we thought would be exciting turned out to be frustrating.

Things started when we arrive at the airport and took a cab. We asked the driver to drive us to the hotels on our list to check if its not fully booked so can register and have a place to rest for a week. Due to the said festival most of the hotels are fully booked we have to drive from one place to another until we finally found a place to stay. To our dismay the cab driver charged us triple and he have reasons why he charged us that much. We disagree with the charges but we give in because we don’t want any arguments. We were there to have fun.  Anyway, we enjoy the rest of the days.

We’ve learned our lesson so this coming winter holidays, as a family we plan of having our vacation on a semi tropical state “Florida.” We are planning to contact a travel agency to help us with our reservations tours and we are also planning to contact Fort Lauderdale car rental as our service transportation to drive us anywhere we go.  This time around we’ll be sure that we will have a smooth week long vacation.